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Requirements for installing the 'camera' and tools to be prepared

by:Keyable     2021-08-07
Tools/Materials: Impact drill, level, pull wire, wire drop, wire stripper, elastic ink wire, electrician's knife, ladder, electric soldering iron, flat screwdriver, cross screwdriver, needle-nose pliers, side-nose pliers, digital multimeter or pointer type Multimeter, 500V insulated shaker plastic tube, machine screw, flat washer, spring washer, terminal block, drill bit, solder, flux, insulating tape, plastic tape, various joints, etc. Camera installation: 1. Before arranging the camera, you must first decide where the camera is placed, where it is fixed, and what you want to take. The fixed position of the camera is very important, and what kind of camera you are planning to purchase. The parameters of the camera are mainly the effective distance. 2. The requirements of the monitoring host are generally not high, but considering the 24-hour power-on of the monitoring, the chassis must be large, the power supply of the host must be strong, and ventilation. 3. The monitored hard disk must be large, at least 1TB, video The size of the camera depends on the clarity of the camera shooting. The monitoring software is operated according to the instructions, and the manufacturer can also help to set it up. 4. The wiring of the monitoring is also very important. The purchase of the cable must be good. Generally, it is a coaxial cable. Long-term use and Windproof, waterproof, anti-electromagnetic interference
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