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Release Management - A Smooth Version Control System

by:Keyable     2020-06-11
Technology and processes today increasingly drive business.As society evolves, so do the business requirements. The need to obtain the right infrastructure and operations and adapt them to the changing requirements is essentially the most crucial part of any company strategy. Service providers usually align the IT infrastructure with the overall business strategy of a company and try to provide you with a consistent and high quality service through improved and upgraded processes and procedures. However, a good service management practice is required strengthen the evolution process without having affected quality standards. Release Management is a task of the transition phase, which assists the service organizations,the evolution of their environment in response to changing business requirements. This plans and manages the making of new and updated business services to customers, taking into consideration all technical and non-technical the different parts of a release. The proper management of releases ensures minimal disruption of services, communication, accessibility of all elements involved, without sacrificing on the service quality standards. A request for change in such a setting triggers off a regarding related processes, such as assessment, development, testing, deployment, audit and closure. Release management or version management involves maintaining and tracking different versions of your project deliverables. It keeps note of the requirements of the project, planned and schedule task, bugs detected, actual release and planned release as well as changes during each release. By automating the release notes, reduces the manual effort required. This process is applicable for any project developed and not just for software development. The development of technology has paved way for growth of a number of version control system.Subversion management is an Open source version control system, which can used by most software developers to track alterations and evolution in the source code. Being tightly incorporated into the Application lifecycle management(ALM), Subversion can create shared repositories and launch projects in seconds, access configuration at both project and directory level, browse the repositories for file changes, histories, and associate changes with the issues for straightforward traceability and process enforcement. Beginning with change requests in the development cycle, release management oversees the development, testing, deployment and support of software copies. With a set of characteristics such as customizable properties, lifecycles driven by workflows, ability to be associated with other components of application lifecycle management the versions are very powerful businesses.
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