Qinghai normal university old campus entrance guard system to achieve a comprehensive upgrade

by:Keyable     2020-06-18
Due to the use of time is long, in and out of traffic is bigger, the old campus entrance guard system equipment aging, computer charge system response is slow, low pass rate. Technology has been adopted by the original system lag, bluetooth, entrance card, presented. according to high damage rate, lead to failure increased obviously, high maintenance costs. To strengthen the management of campus traffic, parking, ensure the security of the campus vehicle, combining the reality of our school, the school leadership to support, the defence cooperation with related company of north entrance guard system has realized the hardware and software upgrades. After the upgrade of the entrance guard system USES & other; Smart license plate recognition system & throughout; To replace previous IC card and bluetooth system. The system USES network hd license plate recognition cameras for in and out of the campus vehicle license plate recognition, image capture, the license plate information transmission to the special controller, lead the vehicle into, and save the record. Online through the computer judgment, fixed vehicle automatic release school; Offline, to judge by the license plate recognition in fixed vehicle them, and save the record. At the same time to drive the voice module and LED screen broadcast and display information. For temporary vehicles according to the time for parking management, realization of vehicle monitoring and management to go in and out. Upgrading of the new system, which laid a foundation for later running, for temporary fare loopholes, more than one card solution set up a firewall. Ensures fast passage of vehicles, improve the efficiency of inward and outward passage, avoid the car out when the congestion caused by queuing take card.
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