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Public transportations are no sister crazy copy, guangzhou metro losses

by:Keyable     2020-06-18
Yesterday, guangzhou police notified recently metro police department of forensic followed the track, and investigation, destroy a forgery, speculation has a price ticket criminal gangs. The police at the scene of seized counterfeit CARDS on May 6, 400 copies, metro police at alarm, the subway company said the subway company employees at work many times found that passengers using cloning of special free card ( The old man heavy CARDS, CARDS, etc. ) Take the subway, thereby causing loss to the fare of hundreds of thousands of yuan. After reception, metro police attaches great importance to, immediately set up amid an investigation. After nearly a month of ambush and ultimately, preliminary investigated the forge, selling criminal gangs of personnel, organization structure and the rule of the activity. On June 12, some policemen are forged, shall be & other; Clone card & throughout; Yang fu ( Male) And Yang zhou ( Female) , Yang liu ( Female) Captured at a stroke, and from the house and the archives mouths seized counterfeit card more than 400 zhang, used to make notebook, card reader equipment such as a set. After investigation, Yang fu ( Male) And Yang zhou ( Female) 5 for sister younger sister relationship, since April 2015 illicit manufacture and sell heavy bus staff card, the old card, card, to gain an advantage. The ring through the neighborhood, the friends find the special free card holders, name & other Enterprise dedicated a special social group, obtain sweepstakes registration & throughout; Mother card holders, etc. , to deceive means trust, Yang fu after using the technology of illegal crack mother card information, and a lot of cloning. Members of the gang after cloning forged CARDS to each profit to sell more than 400 yuan price. Three major suspects have been detained metro police have seized the card number according to the card issuers involved ( Public transportations company) A total of bus subway fare in accounting loss total more than 400 ten thousand yuan. At the same time, the metro police have special card holder is not carried out in accordance with the regulations, using and keeping my card education criticism, to verify hold illegal cloning CARDS and use of personnel, the metro police will be carried out in accordance with the relevant legal punishment. Currently, Yang fu, Yang liu, Yang fang and so on three main suspect has been metro police criminal detention according to law, Yang zhou is a guarantor pending trial, Yang peach pursuit is already underway. The police strongly urged a fugitive suspects, surrendered to the police as soon as possible. In addition, recently, metro police also knocked out two successful in underground facility commit crime gang, catching the criminal suspect to 11.
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