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Public bicycle brake machine technology in site application analysis

by:Keyable     2020-06-25
Want to borrow the car, she found the bike pile emptied, wonder when the car was often full of pile is also, do you also have encountered both a & other; Crazy & throughout; The situation? Share the bike fast development, the public bicycle buckle down also improve services. Yesterday, reporters learned from nanjing transport and public bicycle company, not only by the end of next month hold in 1074 sites are sweep will implement the mobile code no card to borrow the car, and the years will also pilot construction & other; Brake machine type & throughout; Sites, each site can accommodate at least 100 public bike. A“ Brake machine type & throughout; Pilot site years go out into the card, vehicle capacity improvement 1. Five times the height in the morning and evening is harder, is the largest public bike running for several years in nanjing & other; Bottleneck & throughout; 。 Now, a standard public bicycle sites usually have 40 cars around the pile, this also means that the use of the site public bicycle will be restricted by the 40 pile location, once the schedule without using peak point arrived, many sites are facing the situation of the pile is full or empty, this in some large metro transfer station and big park performance is particularly prominent. Since last year, in hangzhou, Shanghai and other cities have emerged a & other; Brake machine type & throughout; Public bicycle site, using electronic fence enclosed, borrow the car channels and car, each with specialist unattended. It is reported, this site each can accommodate at least 100 public bicycle, under the same area is the capacity of the pile site 1. 5 times. Channel in and out of the gate than the subway brake machine width, can accommodate a car by one person. Citizens just like in and out of the subway, on the brake machine card operation, can realize more convenient borrow the car, the car. “ We are prepared to do one or two pilot, in the course of the year & throughout; Public bicycle co. , LTD. , general manager of nanjing Wang Tongyan introduction, nanjing about the pilot site is different from other cities and brake machine type, not only in harmony with other technology with pile site port, but also fusion cell phone code borrowed car port, so the technology is still in research. “ But the gate type site, hardest to solve the issues of venues. ” Nanjing public bicycle co. , LTD. , general manager of Wang Tongyan tells a reporter, now the biggest difficulty is the location, & other; Area should be at least 100 square meters, can accommodate at least 100 public bike, there must also be unattended. Because covers an area of big, will into urban area, such as xinjiekou & throughout; Wang Tongyan revealed that there are four intention is in talks to address, biased towards the first pilot in public traffic transfer quantity larger place.
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