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Profitable Advertising Apartment Pedestrian Auto Swing Gate

Profitable Advertising Apartment Pedestrian Auto Swing Gate
Advertising auto swing gate that integrated access control and advertising, a new way of media advertising, is the best choice for entrance of apartment, school, factory. The advertising light box uses tempered glass and high-brightness LEDs, the start and end time of the light can be set, and the replacement of the advertising light is very easy. The door frame is made of galvanized steel paint to adapt to the outdoor environment and prolong the service life.

Working voltage: 220V+10%/50HZ

Input voltage: DC24V

Working temperature: -30℃-70℃

Working humidity: 30%-50% (no condensation)

Working environment atmospheric pressure: 700hpa-1060hpa

Running speed: 3~10s adjustable

Open door holding time: 1-60 seconds

Input current: 6A

Opening angle: 90°

Rated power: 35W

Static power: 10W

Magnetic lock withstand pressure: 180kg

Service life: >1 million times

Protection level: ip65

Horizontal thrust: 150kg

Working noise: The noise at work is less than 50db

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According to the customers requirement, can be integrate access control system with below verification method: ID/IC card, face recognition, fingerprint, QR code, etc..


The width of the door can be expanded and contracted between 1.2 meters and 1.8 meters to meet the actual installation environment.

Main Features

◆ The door body is made of galvanized steel material, the surface is polished and polished, and the high-temperature metal powder paint is durable, not easy to rust, and does not fade. It can be used for a long time in harsh outdoor environments.

◆ Flexible door frame design, adjustable width, to deal with complex installation environment, fixed according to requirements.

◆ The door opening direction is adjustable. While swing blocked, swing rollback automatically, adjustable sensitivity. Support integrate external infrared and ultrasonic anti-pinch.

◆ One key to switch the door opening direction, one key to authorize the remote control, one key to initialize the controller, no need for professional technicians for installation and debugging.

◆ Industrial-grade controller design, imported original chip, surface three-proof paint treatment, moisture-proof and dust-proof, input and output circuits are all isolated circuit protection.

◆ Customized high-strength brushless motor, thickened hardened gear, long service life, impact resistance, good wind resistance.

◆ The advertising paper is fixed by a strong magnet, the replacement of the advertising paper is simple and fast.

◆ The transmission movement is designed with aluminum material, no rust, high precision CNC machine tool processing, surface oxidation and electroplating treatment, beautiful and durable.

◆ Digital control, variable speed fine adjustment, fast running and slow stop, stable operation.

◆ Support integrate various of access control system, such as RFID, face recognition, fingerprint, time attendance, etc..

◆ Access control and  advertising dissemination, the light box adopts high-strength tempered glass and high-brightness LED light bar, the lighting time can be set.

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