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Principle and classification of anti-theft system

by:Keyable     2021-08-06
The principle and classification of anti-theft system The anti-theft system mainly uses the existing telephone network or wireless mobile phone GSM network to connect the host's phone or mobile phone through wireless or wired means to realize electronic products with remote anti-theft function. At present, the popular anti-theft system products on the market mainly consist of an anti-theft host that receives signals and a series of alarm detection heads. Such as infrared detectors, door sensors, smoke detectors, infrared fences. 1. Principle of anti-theft system Generally, there is an integrated chip in the anti-theft system of a car. There are some open/close doors in it. When a trigger voltage is applied, the open/close door opens and outputs a positive voltage to the drive circuit to infer the actuator and alarm circuit. The radio remote control is an important component of the anti-theft system, and it is a remote control device that uses radio signals to control various institutions in the distance. After these signals are received by the remote receiving device, they can instruct or drive various other corresponding mechanical or electronic devices to complete various operations, such as closing the circuit, moving the handle, and turning on the motor, and then these machines can perform the required operations. And with the continuous development and advancement of science and technology, the anti-theft system now has the strongest function and the most requested function is 'by pressing the lock button of the remote control, the car anti-theft system will automatically enter the anti-theft alert state, if the car door is illegal When it is opened, ignited, shaken, or the tail box is opened illegally, the anti-theft alarm system of the car anti-theft device will automatically send an alarm message or call a preset number to ensure the safety of the car. 2. Classification of anti-theft systems Divided into car anti-theft alarm, motorcycle, electric vehicle anti-theft alarm, home anti-theft monitoring alarm, office anti-theft alarm. The above information is organized by Chengdu anti-theft system, this article has nothing to do with this site.
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