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Precautions for the installation of security surveillance cameras

by:Keyable     2021-08-01
Precautions for the installation of security surveillance cameras 1. The installation of surveillance cameras: 1. Under the premise of the target range, the installation height: the installation height of the indoor camera is 2.5~4m, and the outdoor is 3.5~10m; inside the elevator car It is installed on the top of the elevator, at a diagonal angle to the elevator manipulator, and the optical axis of the camera is at an angle of 45 degrees with the two walls and ceiling of the elevator. It is suitable for the Chengdu camera. 2. If there is strong electricity in the environment, pay attention to the camera installation should be insulated and isolated from the ground to avoid interference with the Chengdu camera. 3. It is best to take lightning protection measures when installing monitoring outdoors. 4. When installing the camera, it must be on a relatively firm wall or place. After installation, it can prevent the monitoring screen from shaking. 5. It is recommended to adjust the infrared lamp at night, and adjust the position of the infrared lamp illumination through the display at night. 6. The cable from the surveillance camera should have a margin of about 1m so as not to affect the rotation of the surveillance camera. 7. Infrared integrated camera, try to avoid direct light source, because the infrared light power control is based on the photoresistor installed on the infrared light board to control the power of the infrared light on or off the Chengdu camera.
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