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Precautions for the construction of network integrated wiring

by:Keyable     2021-08-03
Precautions for the construction of network integrated wiring 1. The network products used in the wiring product brand-specific wiring, such as ordinary Category 5 twisted pair or crystal plugs, transmit weak signals, and a little carelessness may affect network communication Overall performance. Although the performance and quality of the wiring products produced by different manufacturers are somewhat different, for example, the quality of the network cable produced by some manufacturers is better, the crystal plugs produced by some manufacturers have better use effects, and the network interface modules produced by some manufacturers Not bad, but the author still recommends using the same brand of wiring products in the same wiring system, because this can ensure compatibility with Chengdu monitoring to a limited extent. Many wiring operators often simply think that if those good network products are combined for wiring, the attenuation of the network signal will be reduced to a small amount and the communication effect will be achieved. In fact, this understanding is incorrect, because the internal material impedances of network products from different manufacturers are different, and subtle differences in impedance may have a great impact on the signal attenuation of the high-speed network, thereby affecting the entire network system. Communication quality. Practice has proved that mixing the wiring of products from different manufacturers has little effect on network switching speeds below 10Mbps, but if it is a 100Mbps or higher network system, it will have a significant impact. Therefore, the network products produced by the same manufacturer are used for wiring Chengdu monitoring. 2. Reasonable design before wiring and strict testing after wiring. This is a matter of working habit. The importance of good working habits can be more reflected in network cabling. Reasonable planning before cabling can greatly improve the efficiency of the network, and vice versa, it will seriously affect the efficiency of the network. In the design stage, the needs of information system users are not fully considered, and sometimes the situation is very bad. For example, the cable trunk connecting the telephone and computer to the building can be guaranteed, but the connection of other building systems or equipment, such as fax machines, clocks, security and fire alarm systems, elevators, and property department systems, is often overlooked. In order to avoid this situation, you can compile a detailed information system and equipment checklist, and provide it to each department head before the system design, so that they can participate in the supplement. In this way, the above situation can be avoided by Chengdu monitoring. But in fact, it is difficult to guarantee that this situation will not happen again, because as the user's business volume increases and the nature of the business changes, the needs of employees will also change. The office location of employees will be adjusted within or between departments, and departments will also change layouts. The designed cable facilities should be able to cope with these conditions, and a good way is to plan general cable facilities suitable for the equipment. The unused space should also be laid with cables for future use. The cable facilities in each workshop should be able to meet the needs of any user. 3. Correctly understand the definition of the channel 100m limit in the regulations. Everyone knows that the length of a single-segment network cable of Cat 5e and Cat 6 cannot exceed 100m, which is stipulated in the ANSI/EIA/TIA-568 standard. But here we must correctly understand the meaning of this 100m. According to the standard, this 100m should be a restriction on the entire transmission channel of the horizontal section, that is, the management subsystem + horizontal subsystem + work area subsystem, except for the cross connection of the management subsystem and the 10m required for the work area connection cable, pre-embedded The actual length of the horizontal subsystem is usually only 90m, which is the basic transmission link length. It can also be simply understood as follows: the entire transmission channel from the RJ-45 port of the work area network adapter to the active connection device (switch, etc.) is 100m (including jumpers). 4. Correctly choose each part of the communication cable wire. In the actual integrated wiring project, users often only pay attention to the computer network or the immediate application, and lack sufficient attention to some important but not obvious needs or future applications. For example, the pre-built wiring cable structure in the building does not match the actual cable facilities to be used, which will cause great construction delays and cost increases. Architects and electrical engineering companies are usually not familiar with the specifications and requirements of various wire materials. If the design does not meet the specifications, the result may be that the existing conduit cannot accommodate the cables that need to be installed, and additional conduits or conduits may be added. There are too many bending parts and no connection box, which makes it difficult to thread the cable, or the cable tray and connection box are used, but the length of the horizontal cable exceeds the requirements of Category 5 cables.
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