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Precautions for site survey before construction of integrated wiring

by:Keyable     2021-08-04
Precautions for site investigation before the construction of integrated wiring system Before the design of integrated wiring system engineering or submitting the budget, it is very necessary for the construction site investigation, especially when the end user cannot provide relevant drawings. The purpose of the site investigation must be clear. Generic cabling is a meticulous project with many projects. Its wiring rules are linked together. If there are short cuts, it will affect the entire integrated cabling project. Therefore, before the project design of the integrated wiring system or the submission of the budget, it is very necessary to investigate the construction site, especially when the end user cannot provide relevant drawings. The purpose of the site investigation must be clear, that is, to fully understand the customer’s needs and provide a reasonable wiring design And budget. 1. Conduct survey on the integrated wiring site. Generally, make a telephone appointment with the customer before the site survey, and you can communicate over the phone to understand the general situation of the project. Try to let the customer arrange a person (technical personnel, etc.) who is relatively familiar with the specific situation of the project to accompany the designer and designer Participate with sales staff. Generally speaking, designers and designers are easier to understand the technical requirements of customers, sales staff are easy to communicate with customers well, and master the customer's investment budget. After all, there may be many types of integrated wiring design schemes, but the budget cost Most customers pay more attention to it. 2. Understand the general situation of the wiring project site. Generally speaking, the comprehensive wiring project can be divided into the following categories according to the type of site: A. For the new building of this kind of project, the design institute has generally provided the design drawings. So please investigate on the spot Before you read the drawings in detail, it will be much easier for you to see the site. But remember not to blindly believe in the drawings of the design institute, there may be many parts that are not accurate. Of course, some bidding projects are not allowed to conduct on-site surveys, then you have to Designed according to the drawings. B. Expansion projects. Such projects must conduct on-site surveys to understand the details of the original wiring system. Design according to the existing wiring system to ensure the unity of the original wiring system and the expansion part. C. Open offices are generally small or medium-sized office wiring projects. Most of them range from a few hundred square meters to several floors (thousands of square meters). The design of this type of project is relatively easy. Some routes are provided and laid by the decorator Yes, but you must communicate well with the decorator and put forward your pipeline requirements, otherwise your wiring cables may cause engineering wrangling due to impassable routing or insufficient pipeline capacity, and all construction parties and customers will be dizzy at that time. D. Old building renovation projects Old building renovation projects generally have complex construction sites and high construction costs. Pay special attention to the location of the cabinets and the routing of the lines. Be careful, if there is a place that you don’t see, for example, there is a place where you need to hit a few lines. A load-bearing wall is not included in your budget, and you may be miserable during construction. Even some routes simply cannot survive and need to be redesigned. Then the amount of lines you originally designed may not be enough, then your boss may be angry! Normally Once the project contract is signed, it is difficult to increase the price of the project. 3. When investigating the site, you must pay attention to several points. A. Budget situation It is also very important to understand the customer's requirements for the project budget. Try not to propose to the customer a design plan that exceeds the customer's budget. If the customer's budget cannot meet the customer's requirements for the integrated wiring system, please explain to the customer in detail. , But it must be justified. If the customer still cannot accept it, please consider abandoning this project, because a low budget may mean that there will be problems with the quality of the project.   B. Point map It is necessary to determine the point map, which is a necessary condition for calculating the bill of materials. It is necessary to make detailed statistics on the number and distribution of the data node voice node fiber to the desktop node. Make a point statistics table. C. Physical routing situation In the project implementation, routing is a very important part, including horizontal cable routing, vertical backbone routing, main wiring closet location, distribution line location, computer room location, cabinet location, access line location, etc. Material type: The physical routing may use iron wire troughs, iron pipes, PVC pipeline troughs, PVC hoses, ladder-shaped cable climbing ladders, and aluminum alloy bridges. Obstacle structure: The brick wall, concrete wall, floor structure, etc. should be treated separately. Laying method: laying in the dark, laying in the open, hoisting along the wall, outdoor pole, outdoor tube well, etc. D. Network equipment situation In the wiring design, it is very important to understand the structure of the project's network system and the technical parameters of the equipment. For example, when the Gigabit switch used by the network center switch, in our wiring system, the wiring backbone subsystem It is more reasonable to need to use an optical cable connection. E. Project scope During the survey process, it is necessary to understand the project scope of the integrated wiring system, especially whether the workload of the embedded pipeline part is included. Some projects are completed by the decoration company. Whether the interconnection with the telecom voice equipment is included, also Often overlooked. 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