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Power exhaustion of entrance guard system how to embrace 'Internet +'?

by:Keyable     2020-06-18
Late entrance guard system of research and technology development in our country, the main products of the system architecture introduced by foreign brand since the 1990 s, and has experienced long time development of the localization. Starting from early learning by imitation, homebred brand after more than 20 years of development, has now started to occupy the mainstream position. Unfortunately, traditional access control products in China for a long time to use the practice of foreign radio frequency IC card as information carrier, and the development of the front-end biometric technology, appears power on the technological innovation. Entrance guard system existing traditional access control management system cannot meet the demand of the new features of the mobile Internet era, the new, especially in the face of an open community, visitor management, personnel identification, intelligent community, such as application scenario, technology development is slow. Deficiencies are as follows: carry difficult rf IC card, users often need to hold more IC card, inconvenience; More than IC cartoon often same frequency, the existence of mutual interference; Rf IC card registration authorization, lost card report the loss of STH, blacklist, and many other complex management link; Visitor management lack of overall linkage, user-friendly software and hardware mechanism, then into the entrance guard control system of a weak link; For visitors usually adopt the way of artificial registration inspection, work efficiency is low and the violation of user privacy; Existing access control security management department and the user can only work by face to face communication way, inefficient and the relationship between the stress; Existing local biometrics adopts front end machine type identification, identification of slow speed and high demands on the user action. With China's mobile Internet push the wave of new technology, the traditional sense of centre hardware and application of entrance guard control management industry is beginning to attract a large number of new mobile Internet brand into, cross-industry technology constantly emerging, is set off a wave of innovation. With smart phones as the core carrier, bluetooth, qr code, APP, WeChat innovation technology industrialization mature, make & other; Internet + & throughout; Under the environment of the entrance guard system management industry, presented the vigorous development momentum, has attracted many entrepreneurs and venture investors' interest. 1. IBeacon bluetooth/wi-fi USES iBeacon bluetooth technology of entrance guard control system using a smartphone APP via bluetooth/wi-fi access controller. Its main technical characteristics and advantages in: the smartphone APP platform, no CARDS or other medium, effectively reduce the user's difficult to carry and improve the user experience; Mobile wireless door without network support; Support near field to open the door; Mobile phone APP compatible with Android and iOS platform; High performance by the management backstage key management, management need not worry about security hidden danger; System can realize the issue, cancellation, key management, users can backup or adding activated; Support cosco distance quickly open the door, can be compatible with access door, speed and electric sliding door, parking and so on a variety of scenarios; System compatible with IC card and NFC card. 2. Qr code and code to open the door qr code scanning code recognition is gradually in recent years, with the development of smart phones and identification of active control technology. Because you can use smart phones, tablets and other intelligent terminal for convenient operation, on the application can be closely combined with WeChat public number and wisdom APP, application of qr code scanning yards of entrance guard control system can meet the internal personnel, visitors of convenient use, is gradually recognized and promoted by the market. Qr code and code access control with active flicking code and passive code the application of two different directions. 1) The owner can use the dynamic scan qr code to open the door on the APP; 2) The owner can send visitors by means of WeChat or SMS qr code image used as temporary electronic entrance card. Visitors two yards of open access by the unified management of the background, such as time limit for effective and effective number of setting. 3. WeChat public number and smart APP currently, mobile Internet industry into the depth development stage in our country, a large number of O2O startup business model innovation, technology innovation as the core competitiveness, big push into the traditional industry. Is closely related to the entrance guard control system of vehicle access control industry, there are a large amount of new rising star. That also in the planning of new product technology direction to open the door, to promote development by innovation. Typical of the mobile Internet industry development pattern, through building the APP, cooperate marketing, won a large number of active users, build data traffic entrance, which win the favor of the capital market and long-term development. WeChat number actually take full advantage of the tencent company public WeChat ecological building, the cross-platform operation, business operations, information transmission, user access has obvious advantages. Entrance guard, visitors, parking, and other areas of the access control, belong to the user use frequency is not high, but it is closely related to the application. To match the performance of the recognition speed and stable front-end equipment, establishing perfect information processing mechanism, WeChat public can completely meet the application requirements. “ Internet + & throughout; Environment, the emergence of a large number of innovative technology, large scale to change the competitive landscape of the industry, the current our country entrance guard control system fully meet the changes of The Times.
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