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Portable mobile attendance machine design

by:Keyable     2020-06-20
Student attendance in class is crucial to the school educational administration, the traditional student attendance check is often the teacher holding a piece of paper roll one by one, named, or for the students to hand in the assignments in order to query after class attendance. These methods tend to have low efficiency of check on work attendance, there is no system of record and finishing, easy to lose omission, delay time and other disadvantages. To solve above problems, the development of a student meal card smart handheld mobile attendance machine, don't need a PC, perfect attendance, attendance, attendance, identity verification, etc. Students come out card in their seats, the teacher holding a mobile terminal to realize the classroom attendance of check on work attendance, etc. In addition the machine internal wireless WIFI module, attendance data can be sent via WIFI to the server, in after school, the teacher, the teacher in charge, and school leaders can log in the school educational administration website a class attendance of course in a certain subject. 1 design scheme of the portable type school attendance machine product user requirements as the research focus, make the machine can help teacher is convenient, accurate implementation of attendance, and the system to ensure the attendance data transparent and accurate. The starting point of research from the following aspects: ( 1) Due to the native yes positioning is based on digital campus construction project, the campus classroom management terminal type, so for the machine positioning for mid-range products, price in 200 yuan. ( 2) The product through the recognition of students information, the school the teacher attendance required for data collection, and storage and centralized processing. ( 3) To the product design through a way of safety, energy conservation and environmental protection design, according to the requirements of the teacher's function to the development of the electronic module, and module integration in portable operation. ( 4) The operation is simple, easy to carry, small volume, any place, light weight, no external power supply, high accuracy. Slow down the resistance caused by the teacher in class attendance students emotional elements. System block diagram is shown in figure 1, the control system adopts the architecture of high performance M4 controller TM4C123GX W25X16 used to store character ( English and GB2312 - 80). , chose SYN6288 Chinese speech synthesis chip used to broadcast the student's name and chose two. 8 inch TFT touch screen display is used to display the student information, SD card storage devices, chose ESP8266 serial WIFI module for data upload and download the class attendance data students, RTC to choose special real-time clock chip DS1302. Reads a variety of IC card attendance system support to achieve design requirements, after the comparison, choose the fudan electronic 13. 56 MHZ contactless communication high integration read card chip FM1702SL as the main chip card module. SYN6288 Chinese speech synthesis chip is yu sound world technology co. , LTD. In Beijing in early 2010 launched one of the more cost-effective, effect more natural in a high-end speech synthesis chip. SYN6288 through asynchronous serial port receive synthetic text, text and voice ( TTS) The conversion. 2 system software module of the software working process as shown in figure 2, the system starts, the system according to the teacher's class schedule automatic load database's class, the class when the card near the attendance machine, roll machine automatic identity check and record attendance, attendance time and broadcast the student's name, attendance machine at the same time also the head of the attendance students display on the screen, which can prevent the generation of brush achieves the goal of check on work attendance. Attendance data records in the machine internal SD, SD card using the FATS file system management. Teachers can easily view the student to the class, truancy, and so on and so forth. 3 design summary campus have taken one cartoon system now, the advantages of this system is with the aid of the IC card to achieve attendance attendance! Due to the IC card contains very perfect student information, information system authorized access card ( Such as the student's name, student id, etc. ) ! Because each school one cartoon system is associated with educational system, students face can be easy to get, system can save the camera on the terminal equipment, low cost, stronger applicability! The system not only can be used in all kinds of required attendance situations, can also be used for the test ( The final exam, three, four, six levels of English tests, etc. ) Information confirmed, don't need to print your admission ticket, directly take id card can realize the information confirmed, save to print your admission ticket, so as to save paper, achieve the goal of environmental protection and energy saving. This can also be used in opening laboratory in order to realize the effective management of open laboratory and statistics, in various laboratories in colleges and universities can be effectively applied. After nearly three years of the attendance system perfect and the actual operation, related teachers reflect obvious practical effect. This design scheme for teachers' classroom attendance in class is a kind of the best the most feasible scheme, strong practicability and low cost.
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