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Plot out right: entrance card binding bank CARDS

by:Keyable     2020-06-24
It isn't unusual to brush into the village entrance card, can you see in the village door brush card? Recently, with the audience, in a little district west of xi 'an, property requirement owner to replace entrance card, and is with bank card binding, the part of the owner. Mr Yang is the owner of the western suburbs of xi 'an zhongjian raise hui village, he told the reporters, May 7, residential property, put up a notice, requires all the owner change the entrance card, and id card is a bank and community. Xi 'an zhongjian raise hui village owner Mr Yang: to the existing entrance card, replace and huaxia bank binding an entrance card, and the entrance card as far as we know, with functions of pay, is a bank debit card, need to bind our personal information. Taken by mobile phone in the owners of the community property notice, the reporter sees it read: in order to improve the safety of the village entrance guard system, property company cooperate with huaxia bank to entrance guard system upgrade of the village, and free replacement door keys, at the same time free for huaxia bank community one cartoon. Here are introduction about its features and advantages, and rules before June 1 officially launched the new entrance guard system, the original entrance card invalid. Xi 'an zhongjian raise ms hui village owner had: binding into bank card now, after my in law, I points a few minutes into the house, some out of the house, what time to work, some people in the home, what time is it no one in the home, they all knew, that where is my safety coefficient. Xi 'an zhongjian raise hui village owner Mr Yang: binding bank card, we need to provide id card, personal information, I'm just a to go out into the demand, you let me and I personally think that is a lot of bank card binding a hidden danger. Xi 'an zhongjian raise hui village owner Mr Yang: especially children, older people in the home, they took the card out, will have a risk? If someone see children take a bank card on the keys, will steal it out, the security hidden danger of this is very big. Because of concerns about information leakage, some owners refused to replace the new entrance card and IC card community. Xi 'an zhongjian raise owner Ms. Cheng hui village: entrance guard card must do bank card, but the card what we need now is not, because we are themselves inside their home have their own fixed card, I think he is a kind of compulsive consumption.
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