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Playground membership card slot

by:Keyable     2020-06-26
Amusement park is equipped with membership card slot is not strange things, but most amusement park with canteen canteen machine system, it can satisfy the requirement of the amusement park most. As a result, these playground will make do with. But, for amusement park operator, and always want to find a completely suitable for amusement park membership card system. Ce jersey id card this device has introduced a playground. Membership card slot with traditional canteen consumption machine look from the exterior. Consumer machines, after all, just have the effect of a stored data. The essence of membership card slot in the software management system. Software interface is as follows: for newcomers, software on the main interface operation tips can have very good introductory guide, let you in the shortest possible time familiar with the software. Concise membership card management interface is as follows: to add, delete, report the loss of the be clear at a glance, and so on operation. All data real-time acquisition function allows you to real-time synchronization to the computer database, even if the member card slot damage or loss also do not have trouble back at home. In the playground to allow players to play more fun and that nature is little not integral function. How much is the charge to send the number of points, how many points for what gift, entirely up to you to decide. Member of this device not only can help you manage the playground funding problems, still can help you better keep players. So why not?
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