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Pay treasure to face recognition will make the big moves in the field of biometrics

by:Keyable     2020-06-26
On April 8, pay treasure to show its new brush in hangzhou west lake culture square face payment technology & other; SmiletoPay” , for the authentication technology by the ant gold and Face++ cooperative research and development, the identification accuracy is higher than the human eye. In recent years, face recognition is being widely used in areas such as banking, e-commerce, security, financial and Internet giants are overweight, industry into explosive growth. The personage inside course of study is expected to face recognition of potential future market will be more than billions, industry tide has to establish the upward trend. A-share market face recognition concept clear long-term growth space, short-term payment technology are more is expected to pay treasure to brush face appearance of positive stimulus. Pay treasure to release facial recognition technology, pay treasure to official weibo said yesterday in hangzhou west lake culture square today, alipay & other; Smiletopay” Face recognition technology will appear. For the authentication technology by the ant gold suit with Face++, develop Face++ facial recognition technology can reach 99. 97 5% accuracy, higher than the human eye. 52% accuracy, it can even distinguish the twins. Facial recognition the structure, features and data processing analysis of muscles, etc, provided by ali cloud computing. Face recognition is based on the identity of the person's facial features information a biometric technology. With a camera or camera collection contains face images or video stream, and automatically detecting and tracking human face in the image, and then to detect human faces are analyzed. According to the international biometric group ( IBG) The latest authoritative report the biometric report 2009 - market and industry 2014 ', in various kinds of biometrics technology, face recognition, speech recognition and other space has a number of markets biometric identification technology, second only to fingerprint identification. In recent years, the biological recognition technology applied in the field of finance and the Internet are unprecedented attention, face recognition is being widely used in government, army, bank, social welfare, the security of electronic commerce, security and other fields, finance and Internet giants are overweight face recognition. Last year, cash, brush brush face face opening actively promote, ali, tencent has introduced to brush face payment plan, March 26 this year, the Beijing 2016 high level sports teams in colleges and universities enrollment unified test first enable facial recognition technology to verify the examinee identity. Predictably, as the technology mature and people more and more high to the requirement of private information and security, facial recognition technology will be widely spread in related fields. Face recognition application into the explosion from a technical point of view, for accuracy of face recognition is more than the human eye, at the same time, the hardware and software basic condition of large-scale popularization has, in the field of financial and security needs urgently, and become the Internet giant snatching and tuyere. It is predicted that the next three years in our country face recognition industry's annual sales are expected to billions, will now explosive growth, will also be greatly accelerated industrialization process. Societe generale securities research report pointed out that in the Internet age, facial recognition technology of the entry value cannot be underestimated, as the business model innovation, face recognition global potential market size of more than $. China because of the large population base, the Internet popularity is high, the face recognition technology is a leading global, will become the main battlefield of face recognition, potential future market will be more than billions. Internet financial and security will be the outbreak of face recognition application in the field of vanguard: financial business through the Internet & other; Remote face recognition + id verification & throughout; Way for authentication, which can effectively solve the sign problem face to face, face recognition technology is expected to become the standard on the financial industry; And in the field of security, face will inevitably can significantly improve the work efficiency, decrease the cost of public security management, excellent application prospect. With the rapid development of Internet, face recognition industry spring comes, the upward trend has established. Pay treasure appearance of face recognition technology, short-term is expected to once again take thermal face recognition.
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