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Parking system DC brushless motor vehicle auto barrier gate

Parking system DC brushless motor vehicle auto barrier gate
vehicle auto barrier gate
KPDC01 boom barrier gate uses a DC brushless motor, 24V safe working voltage, has the advantages of low noise, low heat generation, energy saving and environmental protection.

Dimension: 350*280*980mm

Motor: 120W 24V DC brushless motor

Running speed: 1.2~6s adjustable

Working temperature: -35℃~+60℃

Working humidity: ≤90%RH

Color: Yellow/Gray

Accessories: Remote controller, screws, straight barrier(≤6m)

Barrier optional: Straight barrier/articulated barrier/fence barrier

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Main Features:

lDetect running angle automatically, unnecessary limit sensor.

lBrushless DC motor does not get hot, don’t worry about overheating problem.

lUnlock barrier automatically when power failure, support lift up barrier via handwheel, meets the fire protection requirements.

lSafe working voltage, there is a safety guarantee for body contact during equipment installation, maintenance and use.

lIt can integrate a variety of anti-smashing systems, such as ground sensing, pressure wave, infrared, etc.

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