Or the same brand of entrance guard, multi-brand assembly is the door?

by:Keyable     2020-06-24
Entrance guard system by electronic ( Controller, card reader, etc. ) , communication, Connected to the Internet) , mechanical, Locks) , power supply, Strong and weak electricity) And other modern high-tech technology synthesis system, the technical requirement is very high, the security, stability of entrance guard depends on the normal operation of the system each part of a complete set of to achieve. Not only is better access control departments of product quality, the parameters matching between products is also very important. If you have very small differences between parameters, and will bring great impact to the system that cause system fault or even cause paralysis. How many access control engineering in construction debugging debugging is not good, also affect the completion inspection and acceptance, the main reason is that the product quality is uneven, the parameters of the minute differences between various products and cause system matching each other is not. So, there is no doubt that using a single brand into a series of entrance guard system is the first choice for all users. After repeated a single brand entrance guard system and strict testing and calibration, the matching is the most the most stable system. Series of brand to ensure the quality, ensure the match, the entrance guard procurement become the preferred, of course.
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