One card is multi-purpose, facilitate everybody

by:Keyable     2020-06-20
The modern city life, people leave the various types of card. Bank CARDS, gift CARDS, membership CARDS, parking card, the bus card and so on these CARDS each have each use, we have to take a variety of card was forced to go out every time, it is more convenient for people to live card, has virtually become a burden for everyone. Ce jersey id think, all the CARDS into a card, it will greatly improve the quality of people's life and convenient. Recently, the guangzhou public transportations co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; Public transportations companies throughout the &; ) Joint icbc guangdong branch sales department, public transportations to officially launched the peony card. Bidding for the peony from both credit card fees, transportations, deposit and other related fees, guangzhou city can deal with the industrial and commercial bank business outlets. Peony no card belongs to the type of credit card of bank, is first published in guangzhou area have transportations card function of bank financial IC card. The card is a & other; Core & throughout; Dual purpose, the user card can be in guangzhou city public transport steam ( Electricity) Car, subway, ferry, parking meter, convenience stores, supermarkets, fast food, pastry shop and other places use transportations to function. At the same time, the card has a peony credit chip card all financial functions such as deposit and withdrawal, transfer and consumption, and can enjoy all the industrial and commercial bank credit card offer preferential activities. Peony pass card USES the security of financial IC card technology, has the advantages of the do not copy, do not crack, can effectively prevent the magnetic stripe card before information is easy to be copied, forge the magnetic card, theft problem such as magnetic card information, use rise more security, users are more at ease. Peony pass card launch a service for users to provide safe, at the same time a double function easy to carry, the user simply holding a peony, to provide for both CARDS can one cartoon.
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