On the market the most well known what are the brand of entrance guard gate system

by:Keyable     2020-06-23
On the market the most well known what are the brand of entrance guard gate system? Everybody for security environment around their life now or very seriously, it's for real estate developers and the local government put forward higher requirements. So now how to choose the entrance guard gate system? What are currently on the market are relatively well-known entrance guard system of product brand? All details are below the knowledge on the subject. Entrance guard controller ten big brand a jie jie shun shun founded in 1992, shenzhen science and technology industrial co. , LTD. , is in and out of control and management industry in China and chief supplier of intelligent security solutions, state-level high-tech enterprises, but also involved in many national standards unit. The company has earned to entrance guard system ten major brands, famous trademarks of guangdong province and other honorary titles. Entrance guard controller ten big brand in the United States honeywell honeywell headquarters is located in New Jersey morris town, is a company dedicated to invention of advanced technology to deal with the global macro trends under the harsh challenges, such as security, life safety of the enterprise group. At present, honeywell's four business groups have been settled in China, and branch offices in several cities in China. Company has earned for security anti-theft system, entrance guard system, top ten top ten brands such as the honorary title. Entrance guard controller three HIDHID ten big brand is the security industry's leading non-contact entrance card and card reader manufacturers, at present, the world has more than more than two voucher card. The company's smart card and card reader technology is widely applied in many fields, including access control, attendance system, etc. Entrance guard controller four top ten Bosch security security is a world top 500 enterprises, comprehensive large multinational group company in the world, is a world full of innovative spirit one-stop security service brand, is committed to providing customers with high quality security and communications products. Bosch for including household, business environment and industrial zone, a variety of applications to provide anti-theft alarm, access control system and other security products. Five of ten big brand real intelligent entrance guard controller Shenzhen DAS Intellitech Co. , ltd. was founded in 1995, is one of the industry's leading intelligent building, energy conservation and service providers, it is the national high and new technology enterprise, national torch program software base backbone enterprises, China building energy efficiency viscosity influence enterprise. Company is mainly engaged in intelligent building and energy conservation services, including equipment, construction management, systems integration and other products and services. Entrance guard controller ten big brand, six loose loose Internet technology (shenzhen) co. , LTD. , a wholly owned subsidiary of China security technology co. , LTD. , is specialized is engaged in the Internet related products and system solutions for high-tech enterprises. Company is one of the earliest domestic enterprises engaged in access control card, products include consumer systems, access control, parking management, and other integrated intelligent IC card system co. , LTD. Company has earned for security brands in China, China security ten honorary titles such as national brand. Entrance guard controller ten big brand seven central control of biological recognition technology shenzhen co. , LTD. Is China time management and safety management system solutions, the leadership of the company is the world's leading manufacturer of biometric products. Products and services involving more than 160 countries and regions. The products of the company has been rated as attendance machine entrance guard system, top ten top ten brands such as the honorary title. Entrance guard controller ten big brand, eight Ingersoll rand Ingersoll rand is built for commercial, civil, industrial market and maintain safe, comfortable and a global leader in the environment of institutions of higher learning. Ingersoll rand created in 1871, has now become a have many brand products manufacturing enterprises. Ingersoll rand is a leading global diversified industrial company, the world's leading security products supplier. Entrance guard controller ten big brand nine tongfang sharp Ann tongfang sharp rate belongs to tongfang co. , LTD. , is a based on rfid technology products suppliers and service providers. Company products are mainly for special security identification, security transaction as the main application, covers the IC card control and building campus IC card system, etc. Tongfang sharp Ann when security industry one of the most influential companies. Entrance guard controller ten top ten (g (grams of shenzhen electronics co. , LTD. , founded in 1997, is a non-contact IC card application products professional manufacturers and one cartoon system solution provider. Company products include access control, attendance, consumption, elevator control, etc. ; System solutions including building IC card, IC card company, etc. About the entrance guard system ten major brands is to introduce the relevant information to here, hope this article will be helpful to you. If you still have what not understand place can focus on our YiYi network, we will answer for you as soon as possible.
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