On a bus with two inductor, people don't want to

by:Keyable     2020-06-27
Yesterday, there are people call guides longyan hotline news report, there are two sets of this device in longyan city buses, and questioned whether the waste of resources, and other Very strange flower, throughout the country didn't also the second case &; 。 Netizen Mr Lin said that the May Day holiday home, he found it, don't too care about, he wondered: will the is a waste of resources, the bus company is too willful. To this, the relevant person in charge of longyan bus company Mr. Chen said, this is a problem left over by history, black is the newly installed this device in July 2013, brush & other; The dragon card & throughout; , can implement long distance charge to 49 cities across the country; Silvery white is old, the inductor is introduced 10 years ago from xiamen, can brush xiamen e pass. Mr. Chen, because at present in fujian province, & other; The dragon card & throughout; Can't with each other in xiamen, this device can't share on the bus. And xiamen out old cashier to contract and is currently doing financial closeout, the next step is to set about dismantling the old card slot. But he worried: if the demolition of the old card slot, the citizens of many hold xiamen bus pass e, cannot in longyan swipe rides, very inconvenient. Dragon card, lung chau company said Mr. Wu, director of operations management center, they and xiamen agreements have not been able to talk about the bus company, so for a period of time. Next, to the province of fujian province bureau of large integrated transport system, in the province issued & other; Traffic one cartoon & throughout; Key, using the ministry of communications, etc. The company will clear after the province such as policies, to make decisions. According to understand, is expected in July of this year, will set up a new department of fujian province bureau, province traffic big integration as a whole.
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