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Office Optical Speed gate Turnstiles Manufacturer, Fastlane Turnstile

Office Optical Speed gate Turnstiles Manufacturer, Fastlane Turnstile
access control system

Material: Chassis 304 SUS, swing optical glass

Dimension: 1400(L)*120(W)*1010(H) mm

Face capacity: 10,000

Facial recognition speed: 200ms

Face recognition rate: >99.7%

Power input: 110V~240V AC、50Hz

Motor: 24V/40W DC servo motor

Working temperature: -15℃~60℃

Working humidity: ≤95%, no condensation

Working voltage: DC12V

Working current: >200mA

Channel width: 600-750mm

Unlock time: 0.2S

Pass rate: 50 people /minutes in RFID reading mode

Gate opening and closing time: 0.4 second (adjustable);

Structure: frame structure / standard stainless steel housing

Working environment: indoor

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The speed gate turnstile is with high-quality DC brushless/servo motor is configured and advanced servo control system is carried to truly achieve precise control, stable performance with no maintenance.

Lossless mechanism structure is based on German technology adopted to ensure long lifespan.
The matrix type photoelectric stereoscopic detection technology is adopted to sensitively detect the behaviors that threaten the passageway safety, such as illegal intrusion, reverse passing, tail-gating, and give out alarms through sound, light, etc. The turnstile can be combine with other security systems.

KSP1458F optical speed gate turnstile combine with fast recognition face reader, and high quality speed gate motor to build a non-stop passway. It can bear the huge human traffic application, such as tourist attractions, bus station.

Face reader and speed gate API/SDK is provided, convenient for secondary development.


RFID, QR code, Facial, Fingerprint,ESD tester and other reading method integrated


The flap barrier gate is an intelligent control device for the entrance and exit of the pedestrian passage.


◆ Comfortable and transparent swing.
◆ One-way or bi-direction adjustable.
◆ Continuous swipe memory function, personnel can continuously pass after continuous swipe card.
◆ Fast response time and high processing capacity
◆ Adopted electromagnetic clutch, prevent damage to the internal structure of the speed gate when forcibly broke in.
◆ Angle detection and control by angle encoder greatly improve the accuracy of the swing angle
◆ Multiple pairs of IR sensor, make a logical judgment on the behavior of pedestrians, realize anti-pinch, tail alarm, reverse pass alarm, illegal enter alarm function


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