Office attendance new favorite let attendance management easy

by:Keyable     2020-06-20
With a percentage to the personnel to verify their clock in, frets over a month for a variety of attendance data accounting, as an employee and manager of empathy you? Now, the workplace problems are easy to crack, a new platform for the attendance management & ndash; — Office escape can be easy for you attendance injection & other; Energy & throughout; 。 Equivalent to the traditional ways of check on work attendance, the solution of check on work attendance has four major product highlights: 1, real-time clock in data acquisition; 2, automatic attendance statistics summary; 3, different attendance easy control; 4, employees clock in feel warm. The four big advantage based on the data in the cloud, and combining the WeChat data collection report, abnormal attendance application on a mobile phone, staff, attendance administrator and company executives through WeChat attendance check, attendance management, attendance approval level operation, timely management efficiency greatly improve! Attendance system is now connected to the intelligent hardware such as attendance machines, routers, issued based on the geographical location of clock in pure Internet ways of check on work attendance, statistics, accounting, and output to & other; Throughout the cloud &; , completely solve the attendance record verification, attendance report to merge and attendance data management, thoroughly liberated the hands at the clock. In addition to the normal attendance management, the attendance application level, also have to work overtime, paid leave, leave, go out, and several practical functions such as travel, administrators can also according to the management requirements of check on work attendance clock in ranking; In addition, not regularly to send a clock in a red envelope, and enhance the enthusiasm and initiative of the employees' attendance!
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