Office all high brake should be how to choose the best?

by:Keyable     2020-06-21
Full high brake, which is a widely applied in the prison, bank, financial places such as secrecy performance more closely. Moreover, it because of good security effect, superior protection and performance of check on work attendance. Has been welcomed by many customers. And because in everyday, we often see the wings are three roller gates, brake, brake, etc. , therefore, for the high brake, many customers are not very understanding. Today, we take a look at, high brake exactly how to choose. Office all high brake selection attention point 1, gate plate adopts 304 stainless steel plate, pipe is made of 304 stainless just stamping forming, so generated products durable, rust, use and maintenance is simple; 2, need according to the specific use of office building, the number of visitors, frequency of use and the service life of the choice suits own full high brake and full high brake according to the passage direction can be divided into single channel and dual channel brake machine, traffic was less choose single channel brake machine can meet the requirements; 3, the whole beautiful appearance, high gate as a public area security facilities, should be beautiful and easy; 4, in an emergency, have the function of emergency evacuation, in the office building of the pedestrian channel control device, can consider to fast-track brake machine and pendulum brake mixed use. Fast channel and pendulum brake use, beautiful in appearance style, greatly improve the image of the place modern, function also more comprehensive in actual use. The attention of the office all high brake selection point. Most of the time, for the office of the high brake, many customers don't really know. And all the high brake, because it is efficient security and strict work attendance checking system, has always been customers very seriously. Therefore, if you need the high brake, can contact our suzhou empty technology and technical personnel, they are professional solutions for your situation. Suzhou empty skill, professional manufacturers, enrich the brake machine types, corresponding solutions. Let your thing.
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