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'No. 1 document' security business, three roll gate machine to control strictly

by:Keyable     2020-06-21
Security has been the government's & other; No. 1 files & throughout; , also is the priority of social attention, go out in the outside, safety first. However, due to the existence of murphy's law, the more worry about a thing, the more likely, the back a few days a let people have a headache things happened. On July 16, Beijing flights to Shanghai, due to a child under the cover of peer adults pass security check, and security checkpoints and gates were not found, before departure, under the check of the flight attendants were found. To flight safety, airport only for passengers and to conduct a comprehensive inspection of fuselage, the plane delayed for up to five hours. Not only at home, this kind of problem in foreign countries is also common occurance. The horse boat incident shocked the world in 2014, Malaysia airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing lost in 38 minutes after takeoff, finally went down in the southern Indian Ocean, and then there were none. Later after investigation found that the plane had two passengers on a false passport impersonate boarding, may be a crash of the culprit. From the incident can be seen, security is a life support, but still there is a huge loophole, the bad guys to exploit, affect social stability. In the United States, according to a survey AnZha member carry dangerous goods to confirm the success rate is as high as 95%, but even criminals have recruit black science and technology, security event really available? In the security industry, composed of access control, monitoring, alarm, security systems, known as & other; Security throughout the triangle &; , including monitoring and alarm link belong to the passive defense, and entrance guard belong to active defense, to keep hidden away, nip danger in the bud. Three roller brake machine is one of the channel brake, is one of the entrance guard system common equipment, dedicated to staff entrances and exits the need for security or control of the brake, such as the airport, station, wharf, gymnasium, office buildings and other places. With the development of science and technology, security gate is also pretty close in the direction of intelligence. ( Three roller brake TJ - vertical double movement S102) Is China's earliest brake three roll gate machine, used as a channel blocking device development up to now, not only can be installed real-name ticketing system, site management system, has the human body recognition, fingerprint identification, such as intelligent mode, can realize the user requirements, and can meet the industry control characteristics of the pedestrian entrances and exits. For security business, intelligent three roll gate machine makes the security system links more science and technology, safety factor will be improved greatly. The development of the three roll brake machine is one of the symbols of the career progress, in the process of popularization of three roll gate machine will keep pace with The Times, really put the safety of the people first, strictly control the quality of product, to face the threat of emerge in endlessly, become people travel umbrella.
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