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Ningbo bus terminal intelligent entrance guard system made its debut

by:Keyable     2020-06-26
Along with speed up the pace of construction of city bus terminal, terminal management also actively change to the direction of innovation, science and technology and wisdom. On October 24, from ningbo city bus terminal company & other; Demand management & throughout; In the concept of new standard road station bus pilot putting-in-service proactively take the lead in the more advanced pure license plate recognition in the intelligent entrance guard management system, realize the bus terminal to the bus stop off in the management of standardization, ordering, make the bus depot comprehensive management level to a new height. Bus terminal operations management the company actively explore new ways and new methods, at the beginning of this year for the application of intelligent entrance guard system is at the bus terminal has carried on the research and demonstration. Finally confirmed in the new standard road station bus, bus 9 hospitals to carry out intelligent entrance guard system pilot work. Installed the new Canon road public transport system has entered the stage of trial operation. The understanding that the system can through hd license plate recognition system is restricted to register into the bus terminal of various social vehicles, and can realize the vehicle without a stop and play function. At the same time, the system of all vehicles entering the bus terminal image information recorded, the terminal monitoring data terminal access terminal company dispatch center server, dispatching center can realize remote control of the terminal. Bus terminal intelligent entrance guard system pilot putting-in-service proactively, effectively limits the various social vehicle violation into the bus depot parking phenomenon, has provided the safeguard for the orderly operation of public transport vehicles, at the same time, to a certain extent, reduce the work intensity of the terminal security personnel, improve the efficiency of the integrated management of the bus terminal.
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