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Network security will develop in the direction of the large integrated monitor trends

by:Keyable     2020-06-22
Network hd video monitoring in large-scale application gradually in a wide range of industries, promoting the rapid development of the relevant product technology, the author thinks that the future trend of technology will mainly focus on the following aspects: hd security people's pursuit for high-definition monitor mainly concentrated in two aspects, one is the lower the intensity of illumination, the better, one is the articulation, the higher the better. Low illumination mainly depends on the camera, now already star level cameras on the market, the products cover 1 million, 2 million, 3 million, 5 million, such as resolution, in the faint light of the environment there is still a good imaging performance, with the reduction of the cost of products will gradually become the mainstream. Sharpness, at present 720 p, 1080 p hd video already common, ultra-high resolution of 4 k, 8 k products have emerged, but the ultra-high resolution data bandwidth increase, the camera, transmission, back-end equipment platform heavy pressure, the performance of the market at present has not scale application. At the same time, the camera SENSOR target surface area limits, as the grow in quantity of pixels, a single pixel of photosensitive area decreases, so the super clear camera color low according to the effect will be more perfect. The good news is that the H. The emergence of 265 compression technology, than the current mainstream of H. 264 compression technology, under the condition of equal quality, compression bit rate reduced half, has cleared the key obstacles for the super clear monitoring and control system, therefore, support the H. 265 standard the front of the camera, the back-end NVR, decoder, display screen and platform system will gradually in hd, super clear security system application, bring more users with visual experience. Traditional intelligent security monitoring system can only use two dimensions of space and time query these unstructured monitoring data, video and photo data in a large number of valuable information submerged, information utilization rate is low. And the application of intelligent video analysis technology, can find the target in video detect the target motion characteristics and properties, also can extract the characteristics of relevant data, form related to structured data, also lays the foundation for the large data analysis of the data mining application. Based on intelligent video analysis technology at present, has been in our monitoring system implementation including audio and video diagnostic invasions, mix the lines, perimeter, wandering left stranded, objects, or care, illegal parking, traffic statistics, face recognition, license plate recognition, and other functions, but due to the complexity of monitoring scene and light, mainly is the reliability of the intelligent analysis of restricting its application is not high. But as Gao Qinghe ultra-high resolution application of monitoring and control system, provides a more accurate video data intelligent analysis and intelligent analysis algorithm of continuous development and mature, also will more and more high reliability, monitoring system will be more and more use of the technology, in an era of a more wisdom. Cloud and big data high-definition monitor the huge amount of data and make the system often faced with the storage capacity problem, a simple increasing storage devices is an independent system, the performance and capacity can balance between independent save point. The cloud with the method of virtual cluster, it is possible to store all of the nodes to form a virtual pool, support linear expansion, after joining node can realize automatic data migration, guarantee each storage node load balancing, if a single node is damaged, other devices can immediately to take over the work of the equipment, to ensure reliable operation of the system. Distributed deployment at the same time, and can improve the system of concurrent ability, so as to improve the query of huge amounts of data and read and write speed. This every day for such as ping an city produce huge amounts of data monitoring system, the traditional technology is very difficult, and the advantages of cloud computing the concurrent processing is more obvious. Video monitoring system in the store a large amount of data, the data contains the massive information, through the intelligent analysis technology can get a lot of structured data, analysis of the data mining, can make a video monitor from manual sampling, progress to the efficient advance warning, later analysis, realizes the intelligent information analysis, forecasting, business brings profound changes in video monitoring field. Comprehensive security platform security platform, in the future will be in the direction of the large integrated development. In addition to security alarm system, entrance guard system and video monitor system the perfect integration of the three security systems, must want to have a better integration capabilities, through various interfaces access management platform in other industries. Star network security management platform, for example, not only integrates the anti-theft alarm system, entrance guard system, video monitoring system, fire alarm system, also blended in its original lamp control management system, operational management system, etc. , through effective integration, great place with the use of modern management, reduce the operation cost of the whole system management.
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