Modern company attendance management should learn from the ancient

by:Keyable     2020-06-23
Taking the civil servants is state stipends, even in ancient times, for & other; Civil servants & throughout; The attendance management, since the spring and autumn period and the warring states period to the Ming and qing dynasties, who lived in ages past is very strict. Leave as a resignation. Ancient Chinese officials to ask for leave because of the cause has strict rules. Qin and han dynasties, sick for more than 3 months removed from office. Funeral leave for three years, but during the period of mourning, the original position will be replace by others. For leave to shi, you will face to the inspection and arrange work situation. During the Ming and qing dynasties, officer outside it is forbidden to ask for leave. Sick leave or personal leave, leave office post will be removed immediately. Because of the cause is from civil servants, without important officials recommend, it is difficult to use again. Qing shunzhi years, ridge north politics because of hard work, rise and miss sick father, break down from constant overwork, sick leave home. Therefore rise was 33 years old, losing positions, 20 years without back to officialdom. Until kangxi seventeen years in February, for the left are empire Wei Xiangshu and deputy suggestion and gold is recommended to be reopened. Late to the board. In a costume play, often have the plot of morning roll call. Not every morning roll call, light person get the board, the person that weigh was beheaded. Analyzed ethically '& middot; Appointment four 'explicitly specify the tang dynasty, civil servants named attendance system: inside and outside the official name several times every day. Attendance is not their time, every missing beatings twenty small plate. If less than each roll call, don't come to work, just calculate days, according to don't go to work on charges of a cause. This system has continued to the yuan dynasty. Yuan dynasty Zhao Meng then so on provincial ministry of war, and position is equivalent to the ministerial level cadres. Instead, ministerial level cadre Zhao Meng is playing for being late for twenty boards. In the army for latecomer dispose more strictly. The spring and autumn period and the warring states period, the full shot under my minion jia zhuang to field would be when the army, with a great army to resist the invasion of the state of jin and yan. Before the war, the field would be my morning roll call, jia zhuang late. My field would be ordered jia zhuang beheaded. Absenteeism sit jail. Analyzed ethically '& middot; Appointment five 'about the absence of punishment is: absenteeism day twenty big board, twenty-five days in one hundred big plate, with 35 days to absenteeism day twenty big board, twenty-five days in one hundred big plate, with 35 days sentenced to imprisonment for one year. Apart from the above provisions, the tang dynasty in different periods, and deduct pay penalties. Tang dynasty period, the absence of a day, three monthly wages, & other; Military officer in ginseng, less than a cause, take a JiLu & throughout; ; Tang Su period, absence one day, a monthly salary, and other The officer, not a cause, take them in January & throughout; 。 If is working in the military town or border officials, each absence one day, there may be force & other; Labor & throughout; A year is & other; Play and penalty & throughout; 。
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