Mobile phone entrance guard system is good, IC card entrance guard also however

by:Keyable     2020-06-23
We often use the entrance guard system in general is the use of IC card, ID card, ID card, fingerprint, password, and face to identify control. These types of entrance guard system, see more on market. Here, ce ze one cartoon to introduce a our CZ - for everyone W series access control products, this product in the IC card, ID card and password control, on the basis of increased mobile phone control function. As long as download access APP can through the mobile phone to control the switch of entrance guard. Convenient and reliable. For example, a detached wing with CZ - W series access control products, the owner as long as the cell phone WIFI, according to their living detached wing information, search, and other The door of the * * * unit building machine & throughout; Local area network (LAN), enter the password eight & other; 0' 。 APP, and then open the entrance guard system based on operation interface, press the open button, you can second unit door open. Bo-ren Chen a few days ago, the age of 16 to see elder sister just seconds to open the door of the unit with your mobile phone, he is ready to download new entrance guard system APP, experience a intelligent life, & other; My sister and brother-in-law late go home, forgot to bring my keys at home after no one can help you open the door. The function of using mobile phones to open the door, they feel it is quite convenient. ” Never take entrance card out bo-ren Chen, are generally choose connection videophone, family help to open the door, please. No one in the home, once bo-ren Chen can only communicate through the entrance guard system is controlled to open the door. Because of limited staff and phone is controlled, bo-ren Chen call several times, are all busy, & other; Stood at the door at that time have no access to the along while, finally found a property management personnel, only in asking him for help. ” The experience impressed out does not love to take entrance card bo-ren Chen, & other; Now using a mobile phone can open the door, entrance card can be saved. ” “ Use it is one thing, the inconvenient is another matter. ” Zhang Dajie knew village in early August, 50 each unit downstairs in the replacement of the new entrance guard system, but can open the door of the mobile phone function, Zhang Dajie do not understand, & other; Young people more understand the mobile phone, we will play and answer the phone, the other will not. ” Have you ever locked outside their own detached wing embarrassing experience? Went to the door of the detached wing, a touch pocket only to find that forgot to take my entrance card. If no one in the home at this time, property is the line is busy and busy, can only put a relative at the door. Since August 25th, jiulongpo district green rhyme cannes bid farewell to this embarrassing situation. Even forgot to bring my entrance card, in the home no one to help open the door, as long as the use of the new entrance guard system of APP, light by mobile phone a key, can second unit door open, let owner to do free access. Mobile phone to open the door is very convenient, but if which day home happened to run out of battery? If this time also carried the IC card, if it is lucky or IC card on? In a word, any way has its advantages and disadvantages. We accept and try new methods at the same time, also can't throw inherent in older methods.
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