Mobile attendance software mobile software what are the benefits of check on work attendance

by:Keyable     2020-06-25
Mobile attendance is the enterprise management has always been a difficult problem, work to clock in, from work to clock in, please add a class a fake or a difference that is more trivial, intangible brought responsible for attendance management of problem, if the company along with the increase in business field, the disadvantages of traditional attendance machine is bigger and bigger, but with the progress of science and technology, the emergence of the mobile attendance can effectively solve the traditional attendance machine cannot solve the problem. The advantage of mobile attendance record is no longer a fixed ring in attendance, the punching machine relies on the network to realize online clock in attendance. This is the attendance management system based on mobile communication network and the Internet, is composed of wireless terminals and network management platform, in a certain time in a position to determine someone. Employees' attendance information through the mobile communication network real-time transmission to the attendance management platform, enterprise managers can at any time via the Internet or mobile phone WAP forms such as attendance management and query, especially suitable for many branches, cross-regional unified management. Mobile attendance is a new way of check on work attendance, for convenient is in rapid development stage, and the current domestic market awareness higher mobile red mobile attendance attendance products are performance, the product is not the point clock, to complete the task, he is a kind of status, or to enter the working state of a kind of instructions, is a kind of collaboration, let the team management personnel to understand the working efficiency of the team, find out the improvement of efficiency, is an effective tool for team selection, for regular attendance according to see the players through mobile attendance according to see, he is a kind of process management. Process management of field workers, for example, by providing work report, work plan and report business management tools such as feedback to management and other colleagues, and can get timely feedback, fully improve the efficiency of the team. Performance of red cell phone attendance, positioning trajectory, customer management, procedures for examination and approval, task allocation, work report, alerts, business contacts, and many other functions in order to enhance the efficiency and performance as the core, to ensure the authenticity and fairness of the field staff work, real-time collect customer resources, comprehensive analysis as a whole, to control the market information quickly.
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