Mobile attendance novel and practical, legitimacy is being questioned

by:Keyable     2020-06-23
Mobile phone as a kind of real-time communication tools to change the way of communication between human beings, in the information data transfer level to ensure the timeliness of information transmission, with the popularity of smart phones in recent years, the mobile phone a real-time communication tools is no longer just the simple tools of communication, people began to carry people and society the information interaction, such as a large group. Cloud attendance products emerge in endlessly in recent years, enterprise application market is to be reckoned with, especially in the field, the mobile industry, mobile innovation of check on work attendance attendance management, become a popular way. So, & other; Mobile attendance & throughout; How to manage the employee's attendance information? The company launched mobile platform of check on work attendance, for example. Field staff: currently, there are many in the Chinese market to human service outsourcing enterprises such as food and beverage outsourcing provider, product after-sale maintenance service outsourcing suppliers, health cleaning service outsourcing, etc. , for the employees of this type for a long time on site service. This part of the staff attendance time data basic use stagnation point staff reporting system, headquarters are difficult to authenticity and timeliness of data by the line of control. Construction site personnel: in recent years with the development of domestic economic stability, rapid advance of urbanization construction of national construction industry present a thriving scene, as the country to the project to improve the construction quality and safety requirements, such as auditors to the project manager, project supervision, security and other important jobs daily work regulation is imminent, but how regulators were anywhere on a wide range of the relevant project management staff of the construction site of a line of data in a timely manner to obtain is an important part of the implementation for this type of personnel management. Temporary on business personnel, with domestic exchanges among enterprises is becoming more and more ordinary, coupled with increasing external training opportunities, all kinds of post personnel have the opportunity to go out of office, especially the sales staff in the company to visit customers have much more opportunity, and for this part of the staff once from work after traveling data for corporate management basic belongs to the blind spot, cause serious loopholes in management. Chain store personnel: many branches of industry chain, personnel scattered, unified management more difficult. Leadership is hard to understand to the first-line staff daily work condition of the unit of time, so can't make the right decisions in a timely manner. If for every store to install traditional late attendance equipment for enterprise network bandwidth and the equipment operational cost pressures will intensify enterprises. Compared with the traditional ways of check on work attendance, mobile phones attendance implements for examination and approval of leave application, mobile phone, mobile phone voice, camera phones weibo viction label card, mobile phone positioning, trajectory tracking and practical function, not only solved the problem of the personnel data collection efficiency, and through the advanced technology to eliminate the employees in daily work habits, improve the working efficiency, for enterprise management. Experts say, & other; Mobile attendance & throughout; Birth is a sign of enterprise management to mobile information, thus the evolution of sales management, mobile office has great development potential. However, with the mobile attendance application of promotion, there have been a problem. Automatic tracking function of mobile phone attendance, supervisor can check the location and the current whereabouts, let employees feel their privacy is threatened, to decrease work enthusiasm, instead, the company's performance decline. From a legal perspective, using a mobile phone positioning monitoring staff, is an act of collecting personal information, without the consent of the employees, whether or not cause consequences, are suspected of infringement of privacy; And the use of the strength of the enterprise status of forcing employees agreed to monitoring, is essentially violate the freedom of employees. If the monitor is beyond the work time, or employees and public information leaked, the damage to the employees, the company have to bear the corresponding liability to pay compensation. This problem is phone attendance problem which needs to be settled, otherwise will affect the further promotion. Mobile attendance as a newly emerging way of check on work attendance, advocate is the employee reasonable regulation, rather than a monitoring tool. Company in the use of mobile phones to monitor of check on work attendance, should consider whether this way reasonable and lawful, can really bring to the enterprise management efficiency.
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