Misunderstandings and Functions of Access Control Monitor

by:Keyable     2021-08-02
The misunderstanding and function of the access control monitor purchase The access control monitoring system is an important part of modern security. As the core component of the access control, the quality and performance of the controller directly affect the stability of the entire access control, thereby affecting the safety and reliability of the access control system. When purchasing an access controller, you must first understand the requirements of the access controller, and secondly, in the procurement, you must grasp the key points of the access control purchase. What should be paid attention to is the common misunderstanding of the access controller. Common misunderstandings in the purchase of four-door access controllers for Chengdu access control systems. Misunderstanding 1: Imported access control controllers will be better. Misunderstanding 2: The wider the compatibility of the card reader, the better the Chengdu access control system. Misunderstanding 3: The more powerful the function, the better. Misunderstanding 4: The more expensive the better or the cheaper the better. The access control controller is the hardware core of the access control system, and its quality and performance directly affect the stability of the entire access control system. As the core data processing and storage part of the access control system, the access controller is responsible for setting the card reading permission and access permission in the entire access control system, monitoring the status of entrances and exits, recording access control events, and linking with other systems such as alarm and fire protection systems. The important function of Chengdu access control system.
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