Man without fingerprints IC smart card solution

by:Keyable     2020-06-21
After the Spring Festival, people suggest we are in trouble, he wanted to students, but always be banned from driving & ndash; Because both hands ten fingers without fingerprints, driving exam registration fingerprint entry link was unable to complete. Run several driving, driving personnel said that won't learn. To that end, Mr Zhang scored our hotline at 968820 for help. : driving fingerprint entry failure no fingerprints, it repeatedly zhang found at an early age. Because of the serious hand sweat, Mr Zhang could not find the fingers in childhood & other; Screw & throughout; And & other Dustpan & throughout; . After the Spring Festival, want to student driver zhang ran into trouble. “ Enter oneself for an examination when the driving school, the first step is to conduct the fingerprint entry, but the machine can't collected my fingerprints. ” Said Mr. Zhang, ten fingers one by one test in the past, no one can do it, no fingerprints on her finger could not be collected, driving personnel told him that without this link, enter oneself for an examination cannot be successful. After the failure at a driving school in deep, Mr Zhang again & other; Travelled throughout the &; Several driving school, but still the same answer. Now more and more occasions to fingerprint, identity card, driver's license, passport, etc need to be fingerprinted. After Mr. Zhang began to trouble may encounter trouble. Solution: use IC card instead of the fingerprint, then, in the case of the fingers without fingerprints, think students should how to solve? City road transport administration of driving staff said that may be entered by the parties and the driving school communication, make driving elevate the related situation, after verification, you can use IC card charge instead of a fingerprint. As for the test, the traffic police department suggested that a party may carry the relevant materials to the DMV application, flexible processing, as a special case. Genetic mutations can cause congenital disease without fingerprints fingerprint, usually is refers to the fingers and toes without fingerprints. According to scientific research, a cause without fingerprints disease etiology is because of the reticular pigment skin disease, patients are born with a rare genetic disorder, incredible is that this disease belongs to gene genetic disease, and only the women of the family of the genetic. The other is a disease causing no fingerprints, erg syndrome, people with the disease than people with mesh pigment skin disease, most of the world's no fingerprints are caused by with the na erg and syndrome. Why this happens? Scientists say, our fingers and toes texture is fingerprint in 11 weeks, the fetus began to form, if special genetic variation, so the body could never be made to form the fingerprint signal, the result is the reticular pigment skin disease. Fingers without fingerprints have a precedent of xiamen university affiliated first hospital dermatological department chief physician Cai Liangqi is introduced, some people may be because of work reasons, with skin diseases or genetic variations, cause of fingerprints. Last September, ms zhou in haicang also because fingers without fingerprints, enter oneself for an examination driving repeatedly hit a wall and seek help from the newspaper. This matter by this newspaper reports, and even cause the attention of many medical experts, the first affiliated hospital of xiamen university, has already started to study of ms zhou. Shi-fa zhang, director of the shenyang military region general hospital dermatology doctors also contact Ms. Zhou through our newspaper, the cases of no fingerprints into their ongoing state-level scientific research projects within the scope of research. It is reported that ms zhou now already normal student driver.
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