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Live in the village entrance guard system installation details common interpretation

by:Keyable     2020-06-26
In real life, people have higher demands on the safety of their own living environment, so how to let oneself life community can more secure. Many village after completion of the installation a reliable set of entrance guard system, to increase the safety of the community. And the emergence of the village entrance guard system, also can bring you very good security effect. Village installed entrance guard system should pay attention to the following three aspects: a, prevention of the transmission signal attenuation of the entrance guard controller installation should consider the distance between the controller and the reader, the ideal transmission distance is 100 m. For signal transmission cable, cable shielding must be considered, and because of the long distance transmission of signal attenuation, in the process of pipeline construction, the material should be used for steel line pipe and cable tray, and reliable grounding. Preventing electromagnetic interference for two, card reader, the open button to pay special attention to prevent electromagnetic interference, especially lighting switch, the interference of electric typewriters and computer problems. Under the conditions allow, card reader installation position should be from the high voltage power supply more than 30 cm. Three, entrance guard controller and debugging of system software, system debugging is the key link to ensure the quality of entrance guard system. Focus on entrance guard controller debugging and running of the system software, the two part of the debugging process must have a manufacturer at the same time. The function of the controller is in addition to the card reader input, should also be set according to need relay output linkage function, time and place of the alarm and start such as cameras, alarm horn, etc. Through the related knowledge, we can clearly know that the village entrance guard system of the installation process should need to pay attention to what details, at the same time if you want to know more about this aspect of knowledge, or to learn more products suitable for the village entrance guard system type, can be through the relevant contact information to communicate with our website.
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