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KB1261 optical swing barrier gate turnstile for school security

KB1261 optical swing barrier gate turnstile for school security


With the development of science and technology, the electric swing barrier gate has replaced the traditional security guard in many schools. In the future, more school security gate will take the place of "door ladies".

The picture below shows the new face recognition access control gate developed by our company, This access control gate model is KB1261, as soon as the swing barrier gate was released, we received orders from many schools.

 On the one hand, we use the most advanced artificial intelligence technology to improve the efficiency of entering and leaving the campus and reduce the pressure on campus security personnel. On the other hand, our swing gate turnstile also help prevent evil person from entering the schools and provide children and teachers with a safe environment.

With our many years of engineering experience, we guarantee that the entrance management system engineering is carried out with the best quality requirements. we also support customized swing barrier gate. for example, for primary and secondary school students, we can design the gate height according to their height, we also add memory function, when more then two legal verification, the system will remember all the traffic requests and complete each traffic action in turn.

Undoubtedly, young people in the 21st century are very lucky. They live in a new era, and technology changes with each passing day. However, the problem of children's healthy growth is also often threatened. Whether it is criminals mixed in campus or illegal sales, it will greatly harm the physical and mental health of children. More equipment such as school security gate should be installed on campus so as to detect crimes as soon as possible.

This is really interesting, the face recognition system that used to exist only in science fiction movies has now been applied to real life. Especially for kids, In their eyes, our products are full of magic. they are curious about our swing gate and they want to know how this technology is implemented.

It is a happy thing to watch the children go out and go to campus safely every day with the brightest smile. Today we protect them, and in the future they will make the world full of more miracles.

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