Issues that should be paid attention to when installing an access control system

by:Keyable     2021-07-31
Issues that should be paid attention to when installing an access control system. Access control system companies feel that with the advancement of people's awareness of safety and precautions, the use of access control systems has become more and more extensive, and every household in the city has access control equipment. There are also more and more equipment affairs for the access control system in Chengdu. When implementing the equipment of the access control system, the access control system company thinks that the following seven issues must be paid attention to in order to create a high-standard access control system to bring customers a deeper sense of security.  One, escape dispersion    equipment The intention of the escape equipment is that once someone falls to the door, the door should open immediately. Escape equipment inside the door and door handle lock assembly, which not only guarantees personal safety but also can lock the door without losing its security function. Its application field is the Chengdu access control system for safety exit doors on all escape routes.   Two typical escape devices. One is the flat push type escape device installed on the double wooden door. The second is a constructed outer glass door, and the crossbar in the middle of the door is actually an escape device. This is a lever type escape device. They are all useful products for assisting personnel to quickly evacuate buildings. The biggest feature of this type of product is its width and the width of the door. Whenever the scattered personnel arrive at the door, any part of his body presses on this crossbar, or presses on the push bar in Figure 1, and the door will be opened immediately. Therefore, this type of escape device does not require professional guidance, and you can go out with one action. Second, fire prevention. Fire prevention is an important part of construction safety planning. The fire protection requirements of the construction of the door control system of the project are not only the fire protection function of the product itself, but also the perfect fire protection function in many aspects, including fire alarm, separation of fire sources, and preventing the spread of smoke. How to set up a reasonable standard of fire separation should include the following points: use certified fire doors, use fire locks with escape functions, use high-performance hydraulic door closers, and use electromagnetic door suction/electromagnetic door closures linked by fire-fighting systems And use other necessary fireproof door control system auxiliary products. After completing the fire separation setting, fire doors and fire-resistant hardware products with the same fire resistance level as the firewall should be selected to complete the fire separation intention. There are differences between international and domestic in the implementation of this requirement. In the United States and European countries, the fire resistance requirements of firewalls and fire doors are of equal length. For example, Class A firewalls, fire doors and hardware require 3 hours of fire resistance, while domestic firewalls require 3 hours of fire resistance, but fire doors and hardware require only 3 hours of fire resistance (Class A). 1.5 hours. It is not difficult to imagine that once a real fire occurs, such a fire door is actually a shortcoming of the firewall. After 1.5 hours, this fire door is the weak link of the firewall, making the firewall resist the fire resistance limit of less than 3 hours, thus forming the whole The direct failure of the fire separation. This is the reason why many domestic buildings with higher safety requirements choose American standards or European standards as the planning standards for fire doors and hardware. Chengdu Access Control System. 3. Access control    The access control system is an important internal part of the security system. The reason why it is also regarded as an important part of the security system is because the access control system is a complex that takes into account two requirements. The access control system is not only an important defensive method externally, but also an important method for effectively distinguishing the space of personnel activities internally. In some large public buildings, such as hospitals, subways and airports, many equipment rooms and engineering rooms are not allowed to enter by outsiders, because personal safety accidents are likely to occur. If the access between the external and internal areas is blocked, such a safety hazard will not occur. This is why the access control system is also an important part of the effective guarantee of life safety. Chengdu access control system.  Fourth, internal management   The core component of internal management is the master key management system, also known as the master key management system. The so-called master key system is to classify the functional rooms in the building, so that the functional rooms with the same characteristics are included in the same system, and then the keys to the rooms are classified according to the level of authority of the handler. The hierarchical division of the total key system can reach up to level 6 or even higher, and the level 4 total key system can satisfy most of the handling requirements, and the system security risk is also low. The 4-level master key system includes:   4 level: master key (GGMK);   3 level: master key (GMK);   2 level: sub-master key (MK);   1 level: independent key (CK) for each door.   The authority of the advanced GGMK is to be able to open all the doors inside the entire building. At the level of GMK, it is handled according to different handling units or parts, such as the administrative part, the financial part, and the security part. The lowest level is the key of each door, it can only open its own door. In summary, this constitutes a complete master key management system. Such a system has been adopted by more and more commercial buildings using the Chengdu access control system.
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