Iris recognition technology characteristics and the analysis of application of entrance guard

by:Keyable     2020-06-16
With the development of science and technology, the iris identification control unit price will be reduced gradually, makes enough to meet the needs of most customers. Believe that if take optimization design, the price is expected to further reduce, thus can greatly expand the application field of iris technology. Iris technology characteristics of entrance guard system based on iris recognition technology, compared with the other entrance guard system, has the following significant advantages: high reliability and convenience: with this system, do not need to carry any identification, can realize the gating, can be one-way or two-way. Can be authorized to control a door already, also can control the open door; Flexible authorization: this system according to the needs of management, adjust the user permissions can be arbitrary, understanding users dynamically at any time, including customer identification, location, function and operation time sequence, etc. , to realize real-time intelligent management; Cannot copy: this system by iris information for the password, do not copy; And every activity, can automatically record, easy to trace, query, illegal situation, automatic alarm; Configuration is flexible and varied: use and managers can need according to oneself be fond of, or circumstance is different, set different ways of installation and operation. In the lobby and other public places, for example, can only adopt the way of the password, but on important occasions, banning the use of a password, only adopts the iris recognition method, of course, also can use two ways at the same time; Low cost, no maintenance, this system can keep the original lock assembly, but the mechanical moving parts to reduce, and the range of small, the bolt of longer life; System maintenance, and can expand, upgrade at any time, do not need to purchase equipment. In the long run, benefit is remarkable, and can make the management level greatly improved. In addition, the iris recognition security system ( In the case of EGI) , which USES the voice guide, automatic focusing, search methods such as screening, use convenient and flexible. Applies to any national of iris color, and can be used at night. Both can be used for confidential channels, confidential area classification don't safety management, confidential equipment operation license, staff attendance and hand-over records; Can also be used for external personnel entrance guard management, authentication and special personnel to monitor management. In building automation, government departments, Banks, securities, aviation labor, shopping and settlement, notes, etc have broad application prospects. Iris recognition entrance guard function 1, can record real-time query, the query can be in accordance with the access code, in and out of date, name, department number along with the start and end dates as the query conditions, the historical data of the query condition query to the information more accurate. 2, set the time zone, can be set to work the automatic electric doors open, for a lot of people into the car, the automatic recovery after the entrance guard control. 3, national holidays, can be preset, automated holiday access control model. 4, through management software data backup system parameters. 5, can be directly modified by computer information system and real-time transmission to the controller. 6, to set the system time the alarm. 7, can be in online real-time emergency/group/specify/area of remote control door emergency doors can also cooperate with the alarm warning shots. 8, can connect the printer to do data print respectively. 9, can connect the door contact, do mun on ( Off) The discriminant. 10, but individual planning different induction card in and out of the mun, partition management functions. 11, can be set directly by the management software and cancel personnel in and out of the authority. Conclusion it is not hard to see from the above analysis, the iris recognition technology with its inherent technical advantages, has become a member in the field of entrance guard, is also a direction of the development and application.
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