Introduced xiangtan university campus id

by:Keyable     2020-06-23
At present, the laws and regulations on the university campus safety has been in a blank state, defines the legal responsibility of schools and students, the school deals with the problem of campus safety responsibilities unclear boundaries. Now have a new entrance guard system, hope for campus security escort. Xiangtan university recently introduced networking type dormitory entrance guard management system consisting of apartment door to door and bedroom door, since June 29, xiangtan university all of them ( 33) The official opening of student apartment door to door, student and staff member is able to brush the campus card in and out of the apartment building. The synchronization with campus card entrance guard system enabled include entrance guard management system video monitoring system and the student's dormitory. The system implements the automatic unicom, automatic storage and swipes in and out of the image, and through the network to upload the information to the data center, not only greatly improved the security condition of the apartment, and further improve the elaborating management level of the apartment, is wisdom campus all-in-one-card platform and new function in the construction of the campus. So far, the campus all-in-one-card platform has been successively applied in access control management, library management, fitness, conference attendance, water and electricity purchase, students apartment hot water system and food consumption in many aspects, such as finance and management functions of campus card got a full range of applications. After more than a year of efforts, the wisdom of xiangtan university campus construction and achieved initial results in many ways, and the completed work or put into trial operation system include: first, the new self-service platform. The platform in August 2014 opening, to provide new online registration, payment, and other one-stop service with my roommate. Second, the personal information portal. Has been launched on March 26, the information portal of single sign-on can realize the management system. Third, work systems, data center issue has been put into use; First modular new room has been installed, OA collaborative office system has been launched, in May will go to training and commissioning phases; Human resource management system, graduate student management system, scientific research management system, comprehensive educational administration system has completed the bidding work, is to organize the implementation. Wisdom of xiangtan university campus construction is a huge systematic project, which is in accordance with the overall planning, step-by-step implementation of the guidelines in the steady progress.
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