'+' Internet age security road where small and medium-sized enterprises (smes)

by:Keyable     2020-06-21
For the most part, and other industries, after the long cycle of the knockout stages of the market, is going to a 3 - security industry Five large enterprises as the leading factor, a number of small businesses with a stable state. Followed IT, Internet companies, meanwhile, the strength of the cross-border cooperation, is intended to break such a stable state, meddling in the security industry. For security industry, civil market is the development of Internet technology and the biggest change after cross-border infiltration of thinking, this kind of change, for the traditional security industry, whether is good or bad? After combining, cross-border cooperation, give security of small and medium-sized enterprise's survival way and where? Cooperation: the premise of complementary and win-win and keeping secret for a long time, in recent years, in the security industry has been played out by combining the case, under the fierce competition in the current comparison, security enterprise mergers and cooperation are reasonable and normal. But it can bring good market reaction of cooperation must meet the following conditions: first cooperation the two sides can complement each other, can complement each other in the technology and products, to provide customers a better solution, better more products; Followed by win-win through cooperation, reasonable division of labor, avoid risks, reduce development costs and improving customer customization development ability, improve customer satisfaction, let partners mutual appreciation; The third is long, but every cooperation must last, any cooperation both sides stick to investment. In addition, for the confidentiality of the technology, similar monitoring network for safe, reliable and controllable, the Internet promotes efficient, open and flexible; Cooperation open and secret contradictions also want to quest for a good threshold. From years of experience of cooperation, the early clear lines between interface, clear interface, clear documentation, will greatly reduce the confidentiality requirements. Internet + security is success or failure? MinYongHua enterprise cross-border cooperation is preventing the development of performance. As a professional security branch of civil security market will be the user is focused on the family, small shops and small and medium-sized enterprises, the huge market potential has attracted a large number of security companies. Since 2013, many security companies will focus from the traditional professional security market turned to the civilian market, increase the intensity of civilian products research and development, the introduction of the Internet thinking, which rivals in the civil market, the new blue ocean. So far, however, still have no pure Internet security industry products successfully, it is a reminder of the industry watchers are calm, clear objectives, choose standard positioning itself. There is no denying the fact that & other; The Internet hot & throughout; With significant hype traces: derived from securities companies, and with the media fast binding, feedback to the Internet industry itself, again into the government, layers of amplification, is a kind of finance, media, Internet, resonance of the government. First of all, for listed companies, manufacturing concept is a kind of market strategy; Secondly, this kind of investment is often the initial positioning and eventually harvest, positioning propaganda is the Internet, the final product form and return to traditional security market; Finally, the nature of the Internet is based on the demographic dividend, easy explosion in populous countries, Internet products and technical threshold is not necessarily high application itself. On the basis of rational understanding, if there is no more long-term investment and technological innovation, & other; Van throughout the Internet &; Innovation is difficult to support a country or an enterprise long-term technology development. The critical point of the suit if there is no market, due to the technology itself does not bring benefit, so from a single technical transformation to the transformation of the technical architecture, there are a lot of technical risk, so the technical workers have adventurous spirit. After market inertia of small and medium-sized enterprises to play monopoly and competition are born to be a pair of contradiction. For the most part, and other industries, security industry also have from scattered to centralized, from fragmented chaos to relatively orderly, interspersed with mergers and cooperation, is destined to form 3 - Five large enterprises as the leading factor, a number of small businesses with a stable state. So-called stable state, refers to the dimensions of companies tend to subjective delay technology upgrade steps to control the market sales, small businesses are an innovation but it is difficult to realize the counter attack, objectively make the market become a & other; The noble game & throughout; State of inertia. So in the game at the bottom of the small and medium enterprises, how to live? We hope to be able to appear a third way, in the industry has made some powerful innovative small firms can focus on segmentation, subdivides perfectly, and can give small and beautiful enterprise important stage to a seat.
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