Internet access to businesses incoming intelligent household

by:Keyable     2020-06-18
In recent years, with the highly development of network and the rise of the Internet of things, from all walks of life to get high speed development, all rely on the power of the network has been widely spread and popularize new technology. Door industry as a member of the network development, network applications have been integrated into the whole industry. Especially in recent years, with the induction card technology, the development of biological recognition technology, entrance guard system get the leap type development, entered the mature period, the induction card entrance guard system, fingerprint entrance guard system, iris, entrance guard system, face recognition entrance guard system, out-of-order keyboard entrance guard system and technology system in safety, convenience, manageability, etc, all have their own special features, application fields of entrance guard system is becoming more and more widely. Internet access into a business entry point into the bureau of intelligent household 2016 - Magnetic card access control machine industry in China in 2021 the market demand and investment consulting report showed that the explosion-proof entrance guard system as a subsystem in the field of security, its main function is to manage the people and vehicles in and out of the gateway control system, the common entrance guard system are: password entrance guard system, non-contact card entrance guard system, biometric access control system, etc. , to meet the market demand for entrance guard system upgrade, access control and other systems integration become the general trend, in view of the traditional security applications, the entrance guard system and monitor, intercom, fire control, alarm, system integration, unified security platform, achieve accident warning, guard against all kinds of dangers. For example, when a fire accident happened, the system can automatically open the door to control area set, convenient escape. Combining with the monitoring system, entrance guard system can automatically linkage switching photography picture, some of the monitor to monitor and video, etc. Whether intelligent household or community service market, both the applicable are Internet entrance guard system with high scalability, accompanied by & other; Internet + & throughout; Heat model, the real estate industry is on the rise, the position of the entrance guard in the community and home market began to highlight, Internet access it is incoming business intelligent household, and community service market 020 comes in. The outbreak of the potential market, relies on the right place, right time, and external factors such as market demand, community O2O business model in the cultivation of mature, and entrance guard system itself, its ability to adapt is still in the face of new applications is the key. From this perspective, we have to return to the function of entrance guard system foundation, controlled by the inward and outward extension of the safety management, time management, rights management and personnel management, which reveals the importance of the system safety and convenient operation. Access control security features must be closely around the actual needs of customers of the innovation of the traditional access control applications and Internet access last hatch, let originally closed door area ushered in the new challenge and opportunity, and outbreaks of emerging markets is also urged the industry competition, the other manufacturing areas, including Internet companies or real estate enterprises of the new incoming, accompanied by their join & brought by the other; Catfish effect & throughout; , entrance guard market became more and more interesting. At present, under the impetus of the network technology, video monitoring has a booming development, with the constant improvement of the industry standard and unity. In video monitoring field, in the pure product of the fierce competition between, let video monitoring production and manufacturers, will enhance the value of video data and management benefit in important position. Relative to the video surveillance security attributes and access control of the active security features, make the entrance guard control often closely around the actual needs of customers and constantly change, from the public access requirements, gradually evolved into a specific industry, the entrance guard deeply solution. With the rapid development of network applications, door industry development also need to change thinking, to cater to the market. Door manufacturers, therefore, the future development should be established on the basis of the stability and safety, more new technology applications, with an open way of thinking, building intelligent, integrated access platform.
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