Intelligent entrance guard will call the police, the thief never come

by:Keyable     2020-06-26
A: hi! Hello, everyone, I am a little bee, sweet, tell everyone a good news, & other; Alarm door & throughout; Today began to serve in our 96128 convenient service platform, let's home security one more, if you think this lock is good, can consider to install a will & other; Alarm & throughout; The entrance guard. This door is so called & other; Alarm door & throughout; Because it will & other; Alarm & throughout; 。 “ I'll call & throughout; Entrance guard connection alarm us in replacement of entrance guard at ordinary times, change is a door and a set of keys, and a set of & other; Alarm door & throughout; Except with entrance guard and keys, and a through wires connected to entrance guard alarm, it can identify, to force the lock unlock tools, master key, such as illegal unlock, if not their key, as long as the plug into the lock hole, it will call loudly, compactness and shrill sound, can alert indoor host, also can frighten the thief, play a deterrent. “ I am a stubborn & throughout; 350 minutes to open in addition to the entrance guard & other; Alarm & throughout; Outside, it's another special is the key to more than six sides Angle of blade, not only both sides of the keys is a double blade groove, even narrow profile on each side and two blades, a total of 6 blade design, is also a leading position in the industry, criminals want to open the lock, or at least six hours, is you can't replicate this key, that is to say, you don't lost my key, this key is lost can't be match. “ I'll call & throughout; Notice you have abnormal alarm door has two kinds, one kind is just said to & other; Alarm & throughout; The general alarm entrance guard, another is not only can & other; Alarm & throughout; , but also can automatically calling and texting, when someone is trying to illegally unlock, entrance guard will call in advance to set phone, and then will send a SMS to you set in advance, remind you someone move your house door lock, the smart alarm lock needs you to prepare a phone card in advance. Plain code marks a price 580 yuan and 1180 yuan two if you are interested in this kind of entrance guard, call 96128 consulting installation, general alarm device for each 580 yuan, the smart money can calling and texting is 1180 yuan, all free door-to-door installation, no other fees. In addition, in order to ensure the quality of service, sweet remind you, don't forget to ask for convenient service card after installation, as your credentials.
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