Intelligent entrance guard system let the feelings between the people and more profound

by:Keyable     2020-06-26
“ Intelligent entrance guard is very convenient, we came to the front corridor, one need not sparse inside hua to turn the key, never di clicks, click to press the password as long as their own id a brush in front of the entrance guard, the door is open. ” Shaoguan horse town residents of the Chinese garden huayuan, said Mr Deng. Installed by deng is intelligent entrance guard system, is the shaoguan qujiang branch dam police station first in one of the measures of promotion within their respective jurisdictions. This new type of intelligent identification management system is very convenient, not only ensures the safety of the community residents, implements the actual population information accurately and dynamic management, isolates the stranger in the village, but also by setting, limit tenant access period, can effectively reduce the cases of public security. The move is qujiang just a public security organ of a new type of intelligent identification management system, through the smart IC card reader and video probe, identify the identity of operators through the entrance guard system, residents in the community both resident population and floating population, the need to use their second generation id card to open door. The lock is actually a process of database application, intelligent entrance guard system has high security, extremely difficult to replicate. If people lost entrance card, immediately to the system background registration, lost card entrance guard will immediately lose the ability to unlock. Ma dam police station through the implementation of intelligent entrance guard work, greatly enhance the community policing to prevent & other; Throughout the three power &; : one is to strengthen basic information acquisition ability, through the construction of intelligent entrance guard system, further enhance the information acquisition of the floating population of timeliness, accuracy, comprehensiveness; The second is to enhance security ability, through the intelligent entrance guard system construction, ensure & other; The door closed throughout the &; To further enhance the capacity of security, effectively reduce the incidence; Three is to enhance ability to maintain social harmony, through the construction of intelligent entrance guard system, timely grasp the information of the floating population, promote the anti-terrorism stability work.
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