Intelligent entrance guard in case of an emergency measures have?

by:Keyable     2020-06-26
Recently, the news of the sichuan earthquake affected the national people's heart. An emergency has once again become a hot topic how to save themselves, how to reduce the loss. Life, in addition to the earthquake, we will encounter some emergency situations, such as fire, etc. In the face of an emergency, security measures to juggle, could bring huge damage to personal property. With the development of science and technology, China's security industry is also in constant progress, intelligent security process is accelerated, in response to an emergency also made great progress, such as the emergence of intelligent entrance guard, let people can timely and rapid evacuation in case of an emergency. In the face of an emergency, why do we need intelligent entrance guard? In an emergency, the knee-jerk reaction is run, escape from the danger zone, at that time, the merits of the secure channel gateway control equipment is particularly important. Intelligent entrance guard because of the technology of intelligent and with fire control system linkage, in case of an emergency response is more perfect and more effective. 1, power automatic unlock immediately bring destructive natural disasters is very strong, often accompanied by cutting off power and network events, because the intelligent entrance guard has & other; Power cuts open & throughout; Emergency response mechanism, once the electricity, entrance guard system will open automatically, to ensure safe passage unblocked. 2, cooperate with the broken button do emergency response if you encounter an emergency, but slow to cut off power supply, or the presence of standby power supply, then what should you do? Intelligent entrance guard system assembly and broken button, can be in an emergency situation, forced to cut off the access control power supply, to open the door. 3, integrated fire intelligent entrance guard hardware + Internet + fire control system, can build a fire linkage system, disaster early warning, before disaster when linkage alarm to emergency response and disaster. The fire linkage can be either open remote issued instructions to open all the door by the software, but can be by hardware devices such as fire alarm, sensors, electronic signals to control the access equipment. Intelligent entrance guard's own & other; Power cuts open & throughout; Mechanism makes when there is an emergency, safe passage unblocked can get guarantee, unapt appear to crowd besieged in dangerous environment; Intelligent entrance guard with broken button, can ensure that an emergency can be forced open the door to the crowd evacuation; Intelligent entrance guard also can form integrated fire with the fire control system. It can be seen that the intelligent entrance guard convenient life at the same time, also has advanced technology, improve the emergency response, which is why intelligent entrance guard can quickly occupy the market in recent years. We believe that, with the continuous development of science and technology, we will do better in response to the earthquake emergency, the life and property safety of the public can get maximum protection.
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