Intelligent entrance guard firmly control the prison gate

by:Keyable     2020-06-26
Academic cooperation with a line of actual combat personnel force, they for prison entrance guard system design and construction of a higher standard, in order to ensure the safety of people and vehicles, made more quick and effective defence measures, effectively guarantee the detainees is not easy to escape from prison by other means. Problems existing in the prison gate entrance guard facilities in recent years the domestic prisons appeared more detainees from the gate of prison, the accident reason and the existing problem is: 1, access without a single direction restriction, the prisoner escaped; while others into the open 2, 2 people each time turnstiles cannot overcome through at the same time; 3, by means of multiple biometric, prisoners and guards card, cut finger method can escape; 4, blow following and function, existence prisoners hijacked guards the risk of escape from the prison through entrance guard channels; 5, no reliable detection technical means, the prisoner hid in vehicles easy escape; 6, no strong, linkage of the stopper, the prisoner driving easy to escape; 7, that foreigners can't identification, process control records; 8, armed police prison doors sentry can't identify reliable access personnel; There are traditional access control facility by low efficiency, occupy the personnel on duty, there are more people safe hidden trouble. Prison entrance guard system, therefore, the design of the construction of a higher standards must be followed. Through the introduction of this paper makes the prison managers can quickly grasp relevant information of access control security system construction to overcome potential safety hazard. Prison pedestrian tunnel entrance guard management system for the construction of the standard for high security units and prison pedestrian tunnel entrance guard management should be implemented: the following, nonlethal attack, commuting efficiency through the prison management personnel statistics, and so on. Specific performance requirements are as follows: 1, to enter the prison staff by the second generation id card, face, body weight, binding information such as IC card, set permissions entry; 2, airtight seal is made up of AB electronic scale of door, floor, face recognizer, card reader, entrance guard controller, video intercom, video monitoring, to crack down on dyeing tear package, LED light, electronic locks, door closers, network switches and other facilities; 3, multiple airtight seal is set in the prison, by face recognition to discriminate, weight, put an end to following discrepancy, stolen card access; 4, have illegally into the airtight seal will call the police, the personnel on duty can start releasing dyeing tear smoke make criminals lose resistance ability, the skin is not easy to clean with red tag; 5, according to a day out personnel number discrepancy airtight seal number, the idle channel, researchers can swipe into arbitrary recognition, 3 - everyone pass process 5 seconds, three channels when the average more than 1 seconds by a person; 6, each by personnel information, attendance, patrolling, orientation, personnel statistics function; 7, when abnormal rights and illegal access of personnel through the master or the personnel on duty when you need to release special card operation before; 7, when the master station or register terminal computer fails the entrance guard control management should work properly; 8, platform software can realize all kinds of related equipment for pedestrian, vehicle channel network early warning management and linkage. Prison vehicle channel construction standards of access control management system suitable for high security units and the prison vehicles channel entrance guard management should be implemented: physical isolation wall climbing, car license plate recognition, prevent collision resistance, prevent, and efficient through the prison vehicle statistics, and so on. Vehicle detection system for the construction of the life standard heartbeat WeChat ID vehicle detection system of life through hundreds of prison used at home and abroad, is now, than the highest price system, controlled by industrial computer, host, touch screens, cabinets, cable axis, air conditioning, sensor and data cable. Whether small cars, trucks full of goods, or large trailer, as long as the two beam sensors placed in the car, the other three sensors placed on the ground, it can judge whether someone inside the inside of the car or the goods, without unloading the examination of the whole vehicle. Counterterrorism stopper for the construction of the standard counterterrorism stopper should be able to intercept of vehicle to implement mandatory, bearing, collision resistance is strong, easy operation, flexible, hydraulic transmission, movements smooth, fast, low noise, strong capacity, safe and reliable. Can be used alone, also can be used with entrance guard control system, etc.
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