Intelligent entrance guard available id card to open the door for five days the mobile system automatically alarm

by:Keyable     2020-06-26
“ The entrance guard system is convenient! ” Yesterday, yangjiang han xin yuan 102 community residents Ms. Lee stood in front of your building, use their mobile phone, id card, bus card open display all processes, al Jefferson. Reporter learned that, at present in yangjiang han xin yuan community there are 10 units of nearly 200 house building entrances have used & other; Wisdom door & throughout; , they are the city's first trial & other; Wisdom door & throughout; The citizens. Cai Guosheng community police said to the reporter, the community also have entrance guard once upon a time, but there are a lot of convenience residents often will middle floor door open, there was a electric car theft and burglary quite & other; Worst-hit areas throughout the &; 。 Last August, in the support from the police station and streets, the collection of smart film, remote control, information collection, which integrates intelligent entrance guard system is built, 10 units within the community to try. “ Wisdom door & throughout; With normal access control devices are very similar in appearance, use rise is more flexible. Ms. Li take id card, bus card and entrance card close to the door of the building sensor gently, answer and open door. Not only that, after her APP installed on mobile phones, come to community policing office resident information input system, can remote click unlock on your phone. In case of visitors but no person in the home, visitors can also use & other; Wisdom door & throughout; The Numbers on the keyboard to call the owner's phone number, after the telephone connected, homeowners can be directly used in the process of calling open preset password for visitors. Community police and grid member strict entry each owner or tenant of personal information. “ In January of this year with a solitary old man five days not in and out of the entrance guard, warning system in the background, and police come to just know, the old man was sick. ” Cai Guosheng says, not only that, as long as someone is close to the entrance guard system within 5 meters, entrance guard inside the camera automatically photographed face clear pictures and file, and the inhabitants of the background registration photos real-time than at the same time, if it is a strange visitors, the system will prompt, remind property staff and community police watch. “ Wisdom door & throughout; System installation to six months, the early adopters of 10 units burglary case didn't happen again. It is reported, this system will gradually promote all in hanyang district. Yesterday, in yangjiang han xin yuan community, resident liu at the wisdom of the detached wing entrance guard input family phone number can open the door. Common intelligent entrance guard management software: 1. System Settings function: including each subsystem controller port Settings, the number of controller Settings, controller Settings, controller name and installing position setting, etc. ; 2. Management functions: initializing controller: initialization within the controller after the master key, communication data, parameter Settings will be removed; 3. Operating functions: download the system time: controller for calibration machine running time; Download/remove blacklist: download the controller and clear blacklist operation; Download open time zones: download the controller often open schedule, after the download, when each subsystem operation during the period of time the subsystem automatically in a normally open state, when the system time to run outside the time period is subsystem automatically restore the original closed position, the user must pay credit card or use the default password to access. Read operation records: used to read the selected subsystem of record; Groups: download holiday holiday group is used to set a certain date, in an open time zone in the table, set by the holiday period, open controller to realize the open and closed, otherwise the controller and the holiday period comes into force, the corresponding set this week open time zone effectively. 4. System data backup and restore function: used for backup system user access records and related parameters Settings; Last backup data recovery when the system data corruption, mainly is the user traffic records and Settings; 5. Query management functions: it contains access records, user information query, system run log query, detection; 6. Support to collect fees, encryption dog time rights management function. 7. Entrance guard management software to control management system, consumption management system, channel management system to achieve a card, a library, a platform.
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