Intelligent channel gate is now brake machine is one of the most beautiful and easy

by:Keyable     2020-06-26
Intelligent channel gate is now brake machine is one of the most beautiful and easy, and now many enterprises choose to purchase of a passage brake machine, the intelligent channel brake machine relative to other brake machine, we come to introduce its main features: intelligent channel gate three characteristics: 1, beautiful sex: the trend of intelligent channel brake machine is single column double pendulum, and slim. Beautiful sex can only judge for themselves. 2, reliability: intelligent channel the reliability of the brake machine is based on the reliability of the various parts of the brake machine and integrated way. Choose good quality parts is the foundation, such as card reader, controller, display, etc. ; Integration mode mainly the design and selection of the control unit and communication methods. Lightning protection components have also is related to the reliability of the equipment. To morrow northwest of professional research and development production of three roller gates, wing brake, intelligent channel brake machine, brake block, brake, brake, etc. 3, safety: intelligent channel brake machine generally by infrared electric testing l flow, detection error, swing doors will hit a pedestrian, cause unnecessary disputes, photocell quantity can't too little. Swing doors rotational energy cannot too big, or you will hurt. Placed in the closed position, the door can be manually break, otherwise lost the basic requirement of entrance guard. Beijing intelligent brake factory west mollo companies what advantage is: 1, the personal safety of users as the most priority concern. Power gate automatically unlock, convenient to evacuate, conform to the requirements of the fire. 2, west mollo specializing brake machine, has the most abundant styles. 3, the customer can be involved in the design of the product, to tailor belongs to customize brake machine. In addition to the introduction of three kinds of brake machine, west mollo manufacturer also supports all kinds of brake machine custom-made business, both in appearance and function has a variety of choices.
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