Installed entrance guard never close the door, to entrance guard function

by:Keyable     2020-06-25
Old LouQu promotion transformation, community security door is one of the important renovation project. With the completion of the renovation of door of guard against theft that community, however, because of various reasons can't normal use, gradually evolved into & other; Chicken ribs & throughout; 。 This & other; -after & throughout; The corridor of entrance guard, also makes the residents had a different opinion. “ We never none corridor doors. Previously, there are always some neighbors in and out of the closed corridor of time not good, always is & lsquo; MAO & rsquo; To hit the door. Heard that also better during the day, sometimes big night sleep, suddenly heard a loud door shutting, just can't sleep anymore. ” Primavera huatai street community residents aunt zhu said. A layer of residents living in the most worried about this problem, later, she and a total on the first floor of the neighbours, just found a big stone, the door of guard against theft with is to don't. With entrance guard but none, what is the difference between this and not installed entrance guard? Many residents answer is & other; Habits & throughout; 。 Used in original don't have to charge the doorbell, according to the house number, the family is now also to open to get in, obviously a lot of trouble. Jinwan garden community property is responsible for the maintenance of a teacher is and the damage of the entrance guard contact most of the people, in his view, there is always the owners reflect entrance guard why not timely maintenance, is actually the door often failed to keep pace with damage repair speed, the most important thing is to rely on the residents normal maintenance. Teacher zhang said, like the old community now, entrance guard is iron with intercom, some perennial doors were blocked with bricks, while the tightness will drop. “ And some new compounds using glass entrance guard, but also have high request for precision, once damaged, usually need to change some parts, compared with the old community now use the iron door intercom, difficult to repair.
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