Installation steps of weak current engineering cabinet

by:Keyable     2021-08-01
Cabinet installation steps for weak current engineering cabinet installation requirements 1. Before installing the cabinet in Chengdu weak current project, it is necessary to check whether the exhaust equipment of the cabinet is intact, whether the number of supporting plates of the equipment is complete, whether the pulleys and supporting columns are intact, etc., and the model, specifications and specifications of the cabinet The installation location should meet the design requirements. 2. The vertical deviation of the cabinet installation should not be greater than 3mm, and the horizontal deviation should not be greater than 2mm. Several cabinets should be arranged side by side, the panels should be parallel to the reference line on the same plane, the front-to-back deviation should not be greater than 3mm, and the distance between two cabinets should not be greater than 3mm. For equipment arranged in a certain interval, the front-to-back deviation of the panel It shall not be larger than 5mm in Chengdu weak current project. 3 All parts of the cabinet shall not fall off or be damaged, the paint surface shall fall off, the paint shall be repaired in advance, and various signs shall be complete and clear. 4. When there are seismic requirements, the cabinet should be firmly installed and reinforced according to the seismic design of the construction drawings. 5. The cabinet should not be directly installed on the raised floor, the base should be directly fixed on the ground, the cabinet should be fixed on the base, and then the mobile floor should be laid. 6. Install the cabinet panel, reserve 800 mm space in front of the rack, and the distance between the rear of the cabinet and the wall should be more than 600 mm, which is convenient for installation and construction of Chengdu weak current project. 7. The wall-mounted cabinet should be 1200 mm above the ground. 8. The installation of equipment and components in the cabinet should be carried out after the positioning and installation of the cabinet is completed, and the equipment installed in the cabinet should be firm. 9. The fixing screws, washers and spring washers on the cabinet should be tightened as required, and the Chengdu Weak Current Project should not be missed. 10. The hanging wall should be installed on a flat and solid wall at least 300 mm away from the ground, kept horizontal and vertical to the wall, and the vertical deviation should be less than 3 mm. 11. The opening of the wall should avoid damaging the pipes on the wall, the depth of the hole should not be less than 70 mm, and the expansion screws used in the fixed cabinet should not be less than 4 (6 C-shaped pods). When necessary, supports must be placed under the cabinet to ensure the safety and stability of the cabinet. 12. When installing the lifting cabinet, the opening direction of the cabinet and the convenience of operation should be considered comprehensively, and the opening direction of the power distribution compartment should be given priority. The equipment hatch and wiring hatch must be fully opened. 13. The cabinet should have a good logo after installation, and the logo should be uniform, clear and beautiful. After installing the chassis, use fireproof glue to block the cable holes inside and outside the cabinet, and do a good job of preventing rodents, insects, water, and moisture. Chengdu Weak Current Project. The equipment layout and installation requirements of the cabinet 1. The cabinet is mainly divided into four areas from top to bottom: power distribution rack, movable equipment, AC power distribution device, and optical cable terminal box. 2. According to safety requirements, place the AC power distribution device on the top of the cabinet. 3. The voice and network distribution frame is installed in an easy-to-operate position, placed under the AC distribution unit, the bottom of the cable terminal box, and also installed on the pallet of the Chengdu Light Current Project.
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