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Thermal imaging temperature measurement walk through metal detector security door

Thermal imaging temperature measurement walk through metal detector security door
KDM-03 walk through metal detector security door can reflect the real-time status on the 32-inch display through thermal imaging non-contact temperature measurement, and realize the accurate matching of personnel and temperature to establish the first line of defense. It also can make face detection through the camera and realize multiple targets measuring the temperature at the same time. The detector also supports metal detection. It can be used in industrial and commercial enterprises, subways, passenger stations, courts, schools, hospitals, government buildings, ports, exhibition halls, and conference centers , celebrations, concerts and other important venues.

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2MP thermal imaging dual binocular camera

32-Inch real time display


Thermal Imaging Detector Parameter

Thermal imaging


Silicon oxide uncooled infrared focal plane detector


256x192, Pixel Interval 12iim


Focal length6mm, Field of view35° horizontal level

Measurement accuracy


Detection distance distance

1~5 M

Blackbody Calibration


Visible light

Imaging sensor

1/2.8" 2. 0M Pixel Progressive Scan CMOS

Min. Illuminance

0.005Lux@Fl. 2 color mode0.001Lux@Fl. 29 black and white mode

WDR range

≥ 80dB

Signal to noise ratio

≥ 46dB AGC OFF

Focal Length


Field angle

84° X 45°


Face capture

AI algorithmsupport 20~30 faces detection at the same time, face detection, exposure, scoring, screening, snapshot upload


High temperature alarm( the default threshold is 37.3℃ )


Working temperature


Working humidity

0%-90% RH ( No condensation)

Protective level



12V DC

Power dissipation

≤5W without heating

Product size



< l kg

Product Features

★Non-contact temperature measurement: face temperature measurement with accurately personnel matching.

Temperature accuracy: ±0.3 ℃, (target temperature: 30℃ ~ 50 ℃); human body temperature measurement distance: 1m~5m.

Preliminary screening of human body temperature: It can be set by the safe temperature threshold. If the threshold is exceeded, the thermal imaging will display the state of change.

Metal detection: a paper clip size metal can be detected, effectively verifying illegal items.

Multi-zone alarm function: When multiple metals in different parts of the human body pass through the security gate, it will alarm at the same time, and can indicate the location of multiple metals in the door column light. Max 18 zones.

Metal Detection Features

Detection accuracy: metal in the size like a clip ( or ½ clip ) is detectable in the middle of the detector, no false reporting and crossreporting.

It can exclude the influence of belt buckles, leather shoes, bras and other items; it can detect metals such as copper, aluminum, zinc, etc., or control knives and guns above 150 grams.

Anti-interference design: multiple detector can work abreast at the same time and also can automatic select the suitable working frequency according to the environment.

Zone display: The product is divided into 18 defense zones, and suspicious objects can be accurately displayed in each zone.

Frequency settings: 100 frequencies can be set, and different ring tone for different frequency

Sensitivity Settings: 400 level of sensitivity can be set

People counting: display the number of walk-through people and people in alarm

Positioning LED: LEDs on the sides of the detector for indicating the position of the prohibited goods.

Display : digital tube display

One key set: built-in intelligent chip, storing sensitivity parameters for different scenes,

Material: PVC shell on the surface, fire-proof, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and anti-collision, and does not deform.

Safety protection: It complies with international safety standards, harmless to pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, magnetic media, etc

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