In 2017, the latest entrance guard management system solutions

by:Keyable     2020-06-22
Public security contact, strengthen the development of public security, so it is urgent to guarantee people life and property safety of the masses, the development of security, upgrade is imminent. Shenzhen public security bureau at the beginning of this year issued by the shenzhen municipal public security bureau video entrance guard system construction plan, in accordance with the requirements of the 'regulations on the administration of guangdong province security technology to guard against', vigorously promote the construction of shenzhen video entrance guard system, the implementation of the peace strategic target of the construction of the shenzhen, shenzhen wisdom community healthy and efficient development in the future. By the wisdom of shenzhen security industry association, shenzhen security industry standard alliance host, shenzhen municipal public security bureau security technology management office support to prevent & other Intelligence community - 2017 Video door security system construction peak BBS & throughout; On July 14, 2017 in shenzhen city green landscape jinjiang hotel on the third floor, the shenzhen public security bureau and other relevant government departments, the wisdom of shenzhen security industry association experts, shenzhen engineering design and construction units, such as operators to participate in the BBS, central intelligence technology co. , LTD. , are also invited to participate in. Control of wisdom is to focus on hybrid biological recognition technology research and application of innovative research in the field of national high-tech enterprise, is committed to mix independent intellectual property rights of biometric technology and Internet technology, Internet technology applications, the combination of the intelligent security, intelligent security, education, health, wisdom, wisdom office, intelligent community, intelligent city application fields such as hybrid biological recognition as the core of innovative applications, solutions and services. Under the wave of the great age of the rapid development in science and technology, control of wisdom always stand in the mixed biometric core technology innovation, to think in platform construction of business ecosystem, use Internet + Internet design concept to guide the sustainable development of the industry and to become a model of Chinese enterprises internationalization. Control with wisdom & other; Intelligent community solutions throughout & video entrance guard management system; Once at the forum, is on display, and favored by on-site friends. “ Intelligent community solutions throughout & video entrance guard management system; Is specially applied to large community security monitoring integrated and efficient management of a solution. The solution is made up of id card, a fingerprint reading head and video multiple identity testing methods of face detection camera; All data real-time uploaded to implement real-time identification management center, the recognition rate is high; Also has a special circumstance processing scheme and mobile phone APP management port, realize intelligent, comprehensive and efficient management. On-site friends in paper & other; Intelligence community throughout the &; After the detailed content of exclamation: this is the future development direction. Wisdom under the community, in many aspects, a comprehensive range of security system management according to the control of a wise man clinging heart, continue to strengthen research and development, never stop innovation, the development of better and more efficient, more intelligent product, for every consumer & other; Smart & throughout; A more intelligent, more acceptable intelligent security products.
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