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by:Keyable     2020-06-09
SecurAX Tech Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd., formerly referred to as ICARD SOLUTIONS (I) PVT. LTD., is an India based organization aimed at assisting clients to identify and mitigate security emphasizes. A distinctive hallmark of our services is responsibility to providing personalized attention while ensuring the requirements of our clients are met through our partnership with international market leaders in protection field. SecurAX provides cutting-edge solutions in variety of fields; Secure Identification, Time Attendance Management Systems, Access Control, Smart Card based solutions and Software Solutions. Solutions; ID Card Printers SecurAX Technologies represents world's best brand ID Card Printers & helps in order to and track transactions individuals accurately. SecurAX has partnered with world's leading security solution providers such as Hiti Card Printer, Polaroid Card Printer, Zebra Card Printer, and Fargo Card Printers. We attributes needed following ID Card Solutions: Zebra YMCKOi series ribbon, Polaroid YMCKT, RibbonsK Ribbons for Zebra & Polaroid printers, Fargo Card Printer ribbons, HDP 5000 Card Printer ribbons PVC cards, Pre printed cards, Membership cards, Smart cards, Loyalty Cards Employee ID Cards, Staff ID Cards, Printing of Smart Cards, Printing of Access Cards Contact Us for id card printers, cards, ribbons and cartridges in Bangalore, Time Attendance Software Products; SecurTime Standalone, Time Attendance Software, SecurTime Professional Time Attendance Software, SecurTime Web Time Attendance Software Access Control Solutions SecurAX delivers solutions which controls in order to restricted areas by using latest innovative technologies while smart cards, fingerprints, Hand geometry, face recognition as well as. Our Access Control Solutions include newest innovative technologies like. HID Access Control System, Biometric Access Control System, Thumb Impression Access Control System, Fingerprint Access Control System, Door Access Control System Our security experts can understand and make a perfect solution to you personally. The user-friendly designs make it simple to install, operate and accommodate.SecurAX has partnered with world's leading security solution providers such as Anviz, Spectra, HID, Ingersoll Rand and Honeywell. Have got in-house software development team, which is capable of holding clients with installation, integration, customization and new feature development. We provide access control software developed with store attendance software, which could be integrated with existing ERP, payroll, SAP, etc. Contact Us for access card systems in Bangalore.
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